2008 Yamaha XT250 TN from Canada


Great bike


Nothing has gone wrong with the bike.

General Comments:

Fun bike to do trails.

Seat is too soft, and not good for longer trips.

Jetted very lean, and geared a little low.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2008

1982 Yamaha XT250 TN from United States of America


If you find a good one, buy it!!


I've had this bike for 7 days, and the turn signal switch is bad, but other than that, it's beautiful.

Absolutely reliable and ready to rock at all times.

General Comments:

This is my first bike and it's made me feel as if I've been riding for years.

I found one in awesome condition and it's been great. It kicks over first or second kick EVERY time.

Ideal for beginners and it's surprising where this thing can take you. It loves dirt and steep climbs, and is mild mannered on the street.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2008

1982 Yamaha XT250 TN from Australia


Awesome learners bike, which is just as happy on the road as it is in the dirt


It was completely restored when I bought it.

The tacho cable was broken, and slowly let oil seep through (still stock from '82 of course - only $14 for genuine Yamaha replacement cable).

The speedometer is incorrect, showing 75 when I'm doing about 90 km/h. This is the speedometer's calibration, not the bike's fault. It could be due to a different sized front wheel to the stock one.

General Comments:

This is a magnificent bike. My first decent bike and first road registered. Fantastic learners bike, and is just as happy in the dirt as it is on the road.

It handles terrificly, and with an over-sized piston kit and after-market muffler, produces great power for a 250 of its era.

It surprises me with the places it will go. Have over a thousand km's on the speedometer, about two-thirds of which are off-road.

A few drops in the mud have left a big ding in the right side of the steel tank.

It looks trick with gold rims.

The seat gives a sore back side after extended riding, though for trail riding, standing most of the time, this is a minor problem.

Having owned the off-road TT250 version of this bike (same year), I'd say this is a better all round bike. Sure the TT250 will perform better off-road, but the XT will perform great on-road and fairly great off-road. The XT is a better all round bike than the off road oriented TT 250 of its era.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2007

1985 Yamaha XT250 TN from Australia


Perhaps the best trail bike of its era


Absolutely nothing has gone wrong, apart from the normal wear (wheel bearings, sprocket rubbers) and occasional parts replaced due to accidental breakage (clutch and brake levers, handlebar)

Oh, the fuel tank has rusted through, but that is probably a regular maintenance thing - a bit of methylated spirits in the tank every few fills would have prevented this.

And another one I just remembered, a small split in the carburettor diaphragm.

And the muffler rusted out after two years (replaced with an after-market unit which is still doing service).

General Comments:

The four-valve motor is superbly tractable at all rev ranges, it lugs around at low revs, crack the throttle open and it keeps on going, kick down a gear or two and the power comes on, not in a huge rush, but enough to really notice as the revs climb.

For a learner (which I was when I bought it) it is a superb chook-chaser, although people under 160cm might find it a little difficult to touch the ground.

Like all trail bikes, around town it sits high enough to be able to see over the top of must cars, is narrow enough to manoeuvre through (stopped) traffic easily and like most motorbikes, will easily win the traffic-light drags to 60kph to keep ahead of the traffic.

On the open road it sits comfortably on 100kph and will struggle to get to 125kph. I have used it for some long-distance touring, but wouldn't recommend it for that. On the open dirt it has well-natured handling, the suspension coping well with corrugations and pot-holes. The front disc brake seems to have plenty of feel and is not too sharp. The clutch is light (as long as the cable is kept lubricated) and has lasted 50000km before it started slipping (clutch plates need replacing).

There is some degree of flex in the front forks, mostly felt during heavy braking on the bitumen, but on the dirt this is not a problem. The TT 250 of the same vintage had larger diameter forks to eliminate this. The forks have air-adjustable "preload". The rear mono-shock has five settings for rebound damping (easy to access) and preload adjustment which is very difficult to access, probably more a set it up once for your weight and forget about adjusting it again.

With a 12 litre tank (steel) it will travel about 290-300km around town before reserve, or about 220-250 km on the open road (sitting on 90-100kph).

Plastic air scoops each side of the tank direct air around the spark-plug to help keep it cool, and I suspect also th help protect the tank. They look a bit out of place, being black plastic, where the rest of the bike is white and blue, however a quick spray with white enamel fixed this. The blue vinyl seat started cracking up after about 10 years.

Quartz-halogen headlight is great!

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Review Date: 25th November, 2006

9th Jan 2018, 13:56

I recently bought an 82 Yamaha TT250, based on all the hype I read about what a great bike it is. The bike has been maintained, and has had the rollpin oil problem done. After riding it, my impression is that it is nothing more than a moped with knobby tires. The motor is gutless. This might be a great bike for a beginner, because it doesn’t have enough power to get out of its own way. So it would be hard to hurt yourself. But if you have been riding for any length of time, you will hate this under performing boat anchor of a bike. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a Honda XR. Yamaha set the bar really low on this waste of steel.