1983 Yamaha XV920MK from United States of America


A great ride, I would buy another one


Spring in the starter broke.

Starter would not start the engine.

Low gas mileage, replaced the stator pickups.

Replaced the dual carbs with an aftermarket KJS dual intake system with a Mikuni KS-40.

Replaced all the turn signal markers.

Replace the gas tank with a 5 gallon tank.

Retrofitted the starter with the technology from the XV1000 1984 model.

General Comments:

I love the way it rides, and handles. When I am on the road with it, it has plenty of power, it is smooth and very comfortable to ride. I have spent an incredible amount of money on a $500.00 motorcycle, but all in all, I am happy with the bike.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 10th February, 2011