1988 Yamaha XVZ1300 Venture Royale from United States of America


Best bike for the money


External shift linkage.

General Comments:

I had the 1200, earlier version of this for a couple of years. Went for the bigger one because most of the shortcomings of the first model were resolved. Now, I've had a fair number of bikes, including a BMW bought off the showroom floor. But, for the money; this is the best I've experienced. No real problems and it keeps on running. Most maintenance you can do yourself without difficulty.

Bought this for $1500, put another $300 into it. Runs like new, and after getting the seat re-foamed ($125), it runs SO sweet and max comfort.

Ask yourself; where are you gonna get as much bike for so little money? Would I rather have a new bike? Sure! But what I would buy new is $25,000, and riding the Yammy lets you have the same experience... of riding. It is the same air, after all!

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Review Date: 10th June, 2015

11th Feb 2016, 12:56

I have the XVZ1300 Venture Royal. I LOVE the bike. I'd only like to know how it compares to a BMW K1200LT?

1990 Yamaha XVZ1300 Venture Royale from United States of America


One of the best cruisers ever made!


Not a single mechanical problem with this machine to date.

No issues what-so-ever with the upholstery, but it's always been garaged, covered, and leather conditioned regularly.

The only thing I've had to do is replace a couple of brake and turn signal bulbs.

General Comments:

One thing everyone agrees on... for a heavy machine (814 lbs.) the bike is very quick. The V4 rated @ 97 HP really comes on from 3500 to 6000 RPM, it will run with every 'bagger' out there. No one will have to wait for a Royale XVZ 1300!

In general, the riding position, using stock foot peg position and handle bar positioning, provides much more of a sport bike feel. Handling is 'very good' for such a big bike. Ground clearance allows for much better cornering than my Harley and Goldwing friends can compete with.

As a couple of postings have stated, there can be a wiggle from 60+ mph. Several things must be done to eliminate this issue, or keep from developing the issue. Tire pressure in combination with air pressure in the suspension, and tire brand are 70% of the wiggle problem. Keeping the steering head bearings tight is a must with the Royale as well.

This bike is so very comfortable on long rides, and not as bad as some indicate riding in town. Like they say, when coming to stop... get both feet on the ground. If the Royale leans a little far over... even big guys can forget keeping it from going down, unless you can dead-lift 500 lbs or so... LOL. But once moving, even at parking lot speeds, the Royale is a pleasure to ride.

The plastics on these old bikes generally have some cracks and broken fairing tabs. However, I think most of them are caused from being dropped when stopped... seriously. Nice condition used plastics are SUPER expensive and difficult to find. However, an old Royale in excellent condition will always turn those heads unfamiliar with the bike.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2014

23rd Sep 2014, 17:02


I agree with you on the low speed stability. And with this bike you can improve it very easily by lowering the air pressure of the front forks, and by doing the opposite (more pressure) at the back.

The result is a smaller, more sports bike kind of rake and trail. This makes riding in and around town much easier. Parking lots, U-turns, no problems. Though I'm only 1,75 m in height (5`8"?) and +/- 88 kg (195 pounds?).

At venturers.org the you can read what I think is a solution to the wobble problem I experience myself.

Follow this link: http://www.venturers.org/Tech_Library/index.php?action=article&cat_id=001013&id=126

Read the section of Roy Richards, Florida VMOA director (Vmax).

Greetings from Holland.