2001 Yamaha YZF1000RN Thunderace from New Zealand


Can’t fault this reliable, powerful all rounder


Had this Thunderace for a few years and so far I’ve had no issues with this bike. It uses little oil to my surprise, but can get hot in Kiwi summers, chucking heat up around your legs when stationary.

Two up with the standard seat is fine, but slippy for the passenger. Heavy-ish braking will have the pillion all over you. I found the bars a bit low and sporty, giving me wrist ache after a while, so swapped them over left to right and inverted them giving me a lift of 50mm or so. Works a treat without affecting the fairing (just).

General Comments:

Quite simply it’s a phenomenal bike. The handling and power are immense. I’ve yet to have a “moment” on this bike and can really push the tyres in corners. Very stable. The carburettors are spot on - flawless.

Two up no problem. Comfy. I’ve had many old school bikes and CBX, Exup, ridden the CBR900 and GPZ900 many a time. But, this Thunderace (despite the silly name and badges - I mean aerosport- really!) it’s the best I’ve owned.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 6th March, 2021