2011 Zhenhua 50 from United Kingdom


weird, pointless, Über cool, will never sell


Brake shoes fell apart.

General Comments:

Saw these on special offer £395 OTR. Always wanted a monkeybike, so ordered one. It's the minitrail hardtail version, and a faithful reproduction of the Honda Z50A from the 1960's with a few added niceties such as indicators, electric start and 12v electrics. No rear suspension and folding handlebars, and with a 3 speed auto gearbox, it tops out at about 25mph in standard form. However removing the restriction in the inlet manifold lets it hit nearly 40!

The handling is OK at low speed, but the 8 inch knobbly tyres aren't brilliant in the wet.

The finish is generally OK and it runs like a watch. I did leave it outside over the winter and the brake shoes literally disintegrated. Genuine Honda replacements were all of £3.95.

It has a tiny 2.5l petrol tank and does over 100/ gallon. Just about usable on the road for short hops if you don't mind looking like a tool.

Strangely compelling - everyone should have one.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 9th September, 2013