17th Oct 2016, 02:58

By now, I'm sure you discovered that PC800s don't have clutch cables. However, anyone out there who is considering buying one might want to know it. If the clutch isn't disengaging completely, chances are that you have a slight leak where the hydraulic line attaches to the tank on the bar. It's called a banjo bolt because it is shaped like one, and if it gets a bit loose fluid will leak out and be replaced by air. Put the bike on a flat surface, raised on its center stand, remove the plastic housing around the handlebars, then unscrew the top of the clutch slave cylinder tank and its rubber bellows, and tighten the banjo bolt. Then top off the tank with DOT 4 brake fluid. Be careful or you could damage paint with fluid spilling onto it. That should fix it. If not, you may need to bleed the system at the other end.

I have owned my '98 PC for three years and put 4,000 miles on it, and it's a wonderful bike for many purposes, as long as you don't try to take it off road. I have tried to find "the next step up", but everything I read leads me to think I would give up more than I would gain by going to, for example, an ST1100. The PC handles beautifully, but I plan to buy an Air Hawk seat cushion, because the butt does tire after about 200 miles. It could also benefit from a gear indicator. Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing about it.