2007 Honda CBR125R


Learner's and commuters dream. For anyone else, it's as good as a toy


Right hand side footpeg's bottom screw came off at 3000km's under normal usage, resulting the footpeg becoming very loose, and I had to get to a dealer to have it fixed.

General Comments:

Perfect learner's bike, making passing any test very easy. e.g. U turns.

Also good bike for those who just want a small motorbike, but don't want a vesper.

Only uses 2.4Litre/100km, however let's not forget a motorcycle needs to be serviced more often than a car, and service costs are more expensive.

The design of the bike is good and look similar to the CBR600RR, however, the bike is too thin, way too thin, the rear tyre will be thinner than a 600cc bike's front tyre.

Struggles badly uphills, needs at least changing gear down twice to maintain speed on steeper hills.

Lacks top speed, when there are head winds, exceeding 90km/hr is impossible.

Motorcycle loses stability easily when there's cross winds, especially when passing big trucks on highways.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2008

28th Apr 2009, 07:43

I don't like the CBR125R. Looks too much like a moped from the rear. I have been told they struggle up hills by many people. My KH125 and AR125 that I had twelve years ago and eleven years ago respectively would fly up hills at near to their top speed.

24th Jun 2011, 17:11

"I have been told"...

So you haven't actually rode this bike?