1994 Triumph Sprint 900


Quality, well built motorcycle. Excellent for two-up touring


At 38000 km the ignition pickup diode broke down.

The rear stoplight switch no longer works.

When hot, sometimes the neutral light doesn't come on and neutral becomes hard to select.

General Comments:

Sturdy, well built motorcycle. Will not budge under heavy winds.

Powerful and responsive engine of the pre fuel injection era, fed by three Mikuni carburettors, really combines the advantages of both two cylinder (low down torque) and four cylinder (high rpm and top speed) engines.

The price to pay for its sturdiness is a top-heavy feel, so steering is slow. Also the weight shows itself when moving the Sprint at walking pace.

The 26-liter fuel tank gives a range of over 300 km, however the fuel warning light comes on way too soon.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2005

13th Jan 2007, 01:26


After nearly all is said, I would like to know about the fuel consumption. How much fuel do you need in a every day ride?



17th Apr 2007, 17:11

Fuel consumption.

Hi Marc. Fuel consumption is a difficult issue as no 2 riders will get the same figures. Compare a "thrasher" with a "plodder" and the results can be very different. As to how much fuel is used on an every day ride, well that depends on how far you go an every day ride. "Iron Butt" or "10 miles only"?

I am a touring rider, I don't race about so I should get quite good fuel economy, though I always have givi panniers fitted. The drag from these will increase the consumption slightly. I typically get about 51 miles per (U.K.) gallon (about 17.65 Km/Litre?) from my 1994 Sprint.

I hope you get more Sprint owners giving you figures, as you need more than just my results for a good guide.