24th Nov 2008, 10:59

I'm contemplating buying a 94 Sprint, should be my first Triumph. How do I get around the ignition problem? Should I change the thing as soon as I buy it?

Is November, 2008.

Many thanks.


30th Aug 2009, 12:53

I am the owner of a '94 Sprint, I have owned it for 9 years.

I wouldn't bother changing the ignition pick up until it goes wrong. Mine has been replaced, but when it went wrong it only cut out when it got hot & ran o.k. again once it cooled until it got hot again. A replacement was obtained by my local Triumph dealer the day after I ordered it. Unless you are thinking of a tour to somewhere very remote, I would consider that you would be very unlucky to be stranded by this fault, so just replace it when it fails.

My main warning about the 94 Sprint is the starter sprag clutch. These are a weak point on pre '95 Triumphs, though failure does occasionally happen on later bikes too. DO NOT try to start the engine unless the battery is fully charged, if the torque of the engine overcomes the starter motor then it kicks back & destroys the sprag clutch. This is a full engine strip to replace! I have had mine replaced at great expense. It failed after I had owned the bike for 7 years, at the end of a week of urban riding during which the battery hadn't got enough charge.

I have fitted a volt meter to my bike so I can monitor battery condition in future & use a "float charger" to ensure that the battery is fully charged when it has been stood a while & I want to ride it.

I think the 900 Sprint is a great bike. When the sprag clutch failed I was tempted to part-exchange it as a "lame duck" for something else, but after several test rides I couldn't find any bike which I liked as much as the Sprint, so I paid up to have it sorted & am still very happy with the bike.


28th Jan 2012, 18:26

Thank you for this information. I was wondering why I had this problem with my bike!

3rd Feb 2017, 13:56

Glad you mentioned this. Just had my Sprint delivered and the battery seemed okay-ish at first start. Now struggling to start. New battery ordered.