1994 Triumph Sprint 900 from United Kingdom




At 30k the bike started to cut out when hot and was running rough. Replaced the ignition pick up coil, which stopped it cutting out, and then also the ignition coils and spark plugs, which sorted out the poor running. Like new.

Other than that, just the usual tyres, brake pads etc.

General Comments:

Yes it is top heavy, but it's only noticeable if you're in slow moving traffic.

The seat is a bit uncomfortable after about 200 miles.

Very reliable, superb build quality, great handling (other than for the above), very quick, the engine sounds great - good stopping power.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2014

1994 Triumph Sprint 900 from Canada


I thought my first Triumph would be a classic 60-70, but cannot describe my test ride on this Sprint


I had to replace the fuel assembly after ten years it leaked on reserve.

Replaced two tires after 12 years cracking - weathered.

General Comments:

The Triumph is a little high for my height of 5'-9". But a Corbin seat fixed that.

It is fast and very comfortable compared to my previous ride. I say very stable at speed.

No uncomfortable vibrations at speed.

Comfortable riding position.

Little heavy for me, but I am small in stature.

Beautiful paint finish.

More tour/cruise than sport oriented.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2010

1994 Triumph Sprint 900 from New Zealand


Good all round strong styli bike with punch


Not much, although the neutral light goes off every now and then. Also the blinkers don't work once in a blue moon.

The bike seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to the electrical system, but these things don't happen often and seem to come and go.

General Comments:

This bike has power to boot up hills as much as down hills. It doesn't what gear you're in, it's smooth all the way.

The seat could be more comfortable on a long trip.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2008

1994 Triumph Sprint 900 from New Zealand


Fantastic!! Triples rule


I have had not one ounce of trouble with this motorcycle!

General Comments:

Comfortable, fast, awesome handling, all round fantastic motorcycle.

Highly recommend. Buy one, you will not regret it...

As for low speed handling problems!! I'm 5ft 10 and don't know what the problem is!!!

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Review Date: 5th August, 2008

1994 Triumph Sprint 900 from Belgium


Quality, well built motorcycle. Excellent for two-up touring


At 38000 km the ignition pickup diode broke down.

The rear stoplight switch no longer works.

When hot, sometimes the neutral light doesn't come on and neutral becomes hard to select.

General Comments:

Sturdy, well built motorcycle. Will not budge under heavy winds.

Powerful and responsive engine of the pre fuel injection era, fed by three Mikuni carburettors, really combines the advantages of both two cylinder (low down torque) and four cylinder (high rpm and top speed) engines.

The price to pay for its sturdiness is a top-heavy feel, so steering is slow. Also the weight shows itself when moving the Sprint at walking pace.

The 26-liter fuel tank gives a range of over 300 km, however the fuel warning light comes on way too soon.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2005

13th Jan 2007, 01:26


After nearly all is said, I would like to know about the fuel consumption. How much fuel do you need in a every day ride?



17th Apr 2007, 17:11

Fuel consumption.

Hi Marc. Fuel consumption is a difficult issue as no 2 riders will get the same figures. Compare a "thrasher" with a "plodder" and the results can be very different. As to how much fuel is used on an every day ride, well that depends on how far you go an every day ride. "Iron Butt" or "10 miles only"?

I am a touring rider, I don't race about so I should get quite good fuel economy, though I always have givi panniers fitted. The drag from these will increase the consumption slightly. I typically get about 51 miles per (U.K.) gallon (about 17.65 Km/Litre?) from my 1994 Sprint.

I hope you get more Sprint owners giving you figures, as you need more than just my results for a good guide.

1994 Triumph Sprint 900 from Australia


Up there with the Yamaha XS1100, only much better by a mile


Starter sprague clutch went at 120.000kms.

Igniter box replaced under warranty.

Coils, all three one after the other over the space of 3 months...

Seat recovered at 100.000kms (Aussie Sun).

General Comments:

Very comfortable for hours of riding, the ergonomics for me are spot on. Up there with the old Yamaha XS1100..

Beefed up the suspension with Ohlins springs in the front and an Ohlins type 4 shock out the back.

Also has the best aftermarket exhaust in the world - Staintune stainless steel pipes and K&N air filter.

Oil changes every 5,000/6,000.

She is heavy in the brakes... front pads last 10/11 months..

I run her on bridgestones BT/020's and regularly get 18,000kms out of the rear.

I ride each and every day (no car licence) to work and otherwise...

Sometimes we use the car to get out in sometimes, but the bike usually wins out.

This is one motorcycle that gets better with more kms on the clock...

With the exception of the above faults, I have nothing but the highest of praise for this bike (enough so that I don't think I will ever get rid of her).

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Review Date: 21st January, 2005

21st Aug 2005, 13:38

I have the same bike, an Executive from 1998. My problem is that the bolts are breaking from the generator, and the chain differs in wear on each half revolution, so I have to replace it because the tension of the chain differs too much. The sprockets are OK, but the chain is one of a very poor quality.

Also I found out that to replace the chain, you have to drain the carter oil and unscrew some covers from the engine. Probably this part was designed on a Friday afternoon.

For the rest it's a perfect bike with smooth riding qualities and an excellent fuel consumption.

Best regards.

Jan Adriaanse

The Netherlands

4th Jul 2006, 06:55

Hi, I'am also the very happy owner of a '93 Sprint, purchased new Dec '93. Apart from wear and tear, (110,000klm), she is a very versatile bike. Have replaced the starter clutch, but apart from that, no mechanical faults.

Would like to contact owners of other bikes. I use mine for fun, mountain rides or long trips (rode from Cairns to Brisbane in 19 hours). 20,000 klm per back tyre.


29th Aug 2010, 11:47

I have a 1994 Triumph Sprint. The genius that owned it before me (I mean genius, not dummy) was a total Triumph guru. He pulled the pistons and liners, installed Nickle liners & over size pistons. I am guessing the displacement is over 1000cc now. The carbs are full race & so is the pipe. I now have 125HP with 90LB torque (Factory was 60lb torque and 90 HP). This bike is lightning fast with power to spare. While cresting a steep hill, wide open in 5th, a strong head on gust of wind lifted my front wheel off the ground (210KPH) unbelievable power!! A pit stop and clean underwear, I was back on the road.

17th Oct 2010, 08:52

Just bought a 1996 900 Sprint, the best kept secret in motorcycling. Other reviews mention top heavy, heavy bike, stop wheeling it about and ride/open it up! Excellent bike for corners, done a little tour of my home country Ireland, no numb tail end, clocked some 2k miles, never missed a beat, regardless of speed or what we always have here, rain! Only 45k miles on the clock, highly recommended :-) ride free.