1994 Triumph Sprint 900 from Australia


Up there with the Yamaha XS1100, only much better by a mile


Starter sprague clutch went at 120.000kms.

Igniter box replaced under warranty.

Coils, all three one after the other over the space of 3 months...

Seat recovered at 100.000kms (Aussie Sun).

General Comments:

Very comfortable for hours of riding, the ergonomics for me are spot on. Up there with the old Yamaha XS1100..

Beefed up the suspension with Ohlins springs in the front and an Ohlins type 4 shock out the back.

Also has the best aftermarket exhaust in the world - Staintune stainless steel pipes and K&N air filter.

Oil changes every 5,000/6,000.

She is heavy in the brakes... front pads last 10/11 months..

I run her on bridgestones BT/020's and regularly get 18,000kms out of the rear.

I ride each and every day (no car licence) to work and otherwise...

Sometimes we use the car to get out in sometimes, but the bike usually wins out.

This is one motorcycle that gets better with more kms on the clock...

With the exception of the above faults, I have nothing but the highest of praise for this bike (enough so that I don't think I will ever get rid of her).

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Review Date: 21st January, 2005

21st Aug 2005, 13:38

I have the same bike, an Executive from 1998. My problem is that the bolts are breaking from the generator, and the chain differs in wear on each half revolution, so I have to replace it because the tension of the chain differs too much. The sprockets are OK, but the chain is one of a very poor quality.

Also I found out that to replace the chain, you have to drain the carter oil and unscrew some covers from the engine. Probably this part was designed on a Friday afternoon.

For the rest it's a perfect bike with smooth riding qualities and an excellent fuel consumption.

Best regards.

Jan Adriaanse

The Netherlands