1982 Honda CB900C


All around great ride, she's a keeper


My RPM tach cable broke from wear.

Gas tank paint faded over the years.

Cam chain had to be adjusted.

General Comments:

The original seat was very uncomfortable, but it was an easy fix.

This motorcycle is a monster after 100 mph.

One day I decided to roll on the throttle to find out how fast it would go. I saw 145 mph on the speedo with throttle to spare - wow!

Handles very nice in town, or on highways.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2012

1982 Honda CB900C


Awesome and reliable


When purchased, oil was and still is leaking from valve cover gasket (?). Nothing major, just slightly annoying as it smells when the engine is hot.

At odometer reading of 74,900, the speedo cable had to be replaced as it snapped (M+L $52.00).

General Comments:

During my ownership nothing else needed to be replaced or repaired (total "yearly" cost of maintenance: $52.00) except of course routine oil change.

Oil consumption around 1L/1000km (it could be more the leak than actual burning).

Highway mileage varies from 5.6 to 7.1 L/100km (42 to 33 MPG).

Vehicle, despite its age and mileage, provides a total confidence on the highway, especially when passing others or "flying by" if demanded...

Engine is humming softly at around the legal speeds; no coughing when accelerating or decelerating.

The only inconvenience is that at low morning temperatures, the motorcycle needs to be warmed up for approx. 1 minute to avoid, almost guarantied, unpleasant engine dying.

Wish the seat had a back support for long distance travel (just to spoil the rider).

Other than that, a pure pleasure for the user.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2010

30th Aug 2011, 22:15

After adding some extra miles (current odometer reading is 89000 km), I can correct my fuel mileage. The best was 4.1 L/100km (57 mpg) driving at 88km/hr (55mph) for 2 weeks to work.

1st Aug 2012, 21:04

Final Notice.

Current mileage 94300. No repairs of any kind (except new rear tire) since last post. End of use.

Cam chains became noisy.

New chains and respective sprockets needed (apparently still available and reasonably priced), cam chain tensioners (2) needed (hard to get and unreasonably if available priced) + whatever is needed when engine is opened.

Labor: cost prohibitive.

Mechanic's advice: "Do not get too sentimental about it. Move on". Advice duly taken.

In retrospect, it was a great bike. Relaxes in the back yard.

"New" (86) Yamaha Venture is the replacement.

1980 Honda CB900C


It's a classic keeper to the end!


Slight oil leak in the head gasket at 50,000.

Replaced the original seat at 30,000 with a Corbin.

Odometer driver gear failed at 54,000.

Replaced pipes with Jawa 4-4.

General Comments:

The bike continues to perform much better than I thought it would.

The original seat had to go - replaced it with a Corbin custom - at last comfort!

Rear suspension a wee bit soft with a passenger.

Pulls my trailer without difficulty.

Although top heavy, it is a pleasure to handle - just don't let it lean too far when stopped.

To date, I have received numerous offers to sell it - not likely.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2009

16th May 2009, 14:10

We have a 1980 Honda CB900 16,000 miles, excellent condition, what do you suggest we ask for it?

8th Oct 2012, 14:15

If there are no issues, (i.e.: rusty gas tank, dented gas tank, missing/cracked side covers, imperfect turn signals, etc) I wouldn't be afraid to ask $1,500 to $2,000 USD.

6th Jul 2014, 07:02

I would say 1500 to 1700 at least; possibly more depending on condition. Great bikes, low maintenance & good for many more miles.

1982 Honda CB900C


More reliable than a battle tank, and a wonderful joy to ride and own


Minor oil leaks (tach drive seal, valve cover gasket).

Fuel petcock leak.

Timing chain requires frequent adjustment.

Signal light switch contacts need cleaning every two years.

Hard on the rear tire (keeps turning into smoke and long, black lines on the pavement).

General Comments:

Overall a great bike, and very hard to kill!

As a young punk (I purchased the bike when I was 17), I did nothing but beat on this thing for years, and it has never been out of commission (except for multiple crashes from goofing off).

On long trips, the seat becomes uncomfortable, but I got a custom aftermarket seat for Christmas 2005; I'll see if that improves it.

A small windscreen works great on this bike for keeping wind off the rider, because of the relatively low seat height and relaxed, upright rider position.

The fuel tank is relatively small for a large bike, and range is about 240km/150miles at best on the highway with luggage, but the factory seat makes you want to get off and stretch about that frequently anyways.

The cam chain requires frequent adjustment on these bikes; not a difficult procedure, but vitally important to prevent major engine damage. Mine starts to get slightly noisy (rattles) at about 4000km/2500miles.

Lots of power; does 13.2 seconds (traction limited off the line) at 105.4MPH in the 1/4 mile even after 13 years without being tuned; high 12's are likely if I get around to tuning this year.

The factory exhaust was long gone (rusted out), and the aftermarket replacement 4-1 header is shot (2 pipes are crushed and lots of rust). The only replacement exhaust systems available anymore are MAC non-performance systems; not too expensive, but little performance benefit.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2006

26th Jul 2009, 21:29

Accurate assessment. I absolutely love mine. I cannot believe how little people are willing to pay for these in dire straits. I've had mine on c l for $1500 and people insulted me with lowball offers. I feel like I'm riding a 4-5k bike. So I'll be keeping it, and continuing to love it. Ride safe.

8th Oct 2012, 14:28

People will always try to low ball you because they are cheap. If in good shape, these bikes should easily bring $1,500 all day long. I wouldn't hesitate to spend $1,500 on one of these bikes in good shape!! Too bad car makers don't build cars to this level.

1982 Honda CB900C


Competent bike in an urban environment


Mufflers rusted out.

Cam cover gasket leaked.

Torque lever bolt broke.

Tachometer seal leaks.

General Comments:

Handles nicely, jet through ins & outs of traffic.

Accelerates rapidly, lots of speed on tap.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2006