1981 Honda CB900C from United States of America


Nothing else can keep up


It is cold-blooded, a hard starter, but if run frequently it starts easily.

General Comments:

There is nothing like this bike, nothing. The acceleration is incredible, whether in the lower range or high. I will spend whatever it takes to keep this classic on the road.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2009

6th May 2014, 04:16

I picked one up for 200 dollars! And man is it fast. Wow.

It's cold blooded, but when you get it warmed up, look out!!!

The only thing that I have found is the brakes seem to stick a little as the motorcycle gets warmed up. If anyone has had this happen to them, if you could let me know how you overcame it, I would be in your debt.


20th Nov 2014, 02:06

Had a serious problem that required frequent stops to bleed brakes because they just seized up almost daily. Got the bike with 9500 miles on it in 2012. Put new seals in it, bled rust from lines from sitting, reservoir seal, polished piston with 1600 grit emery cloth to remove minor pitting with no luck. Final solution was to remove and thoroughly clean out equalizer valve right behind Honda emblem below headlight. Bled one more time and no problems since. Use alcohol to break down and free rust. Hope this helps.

10th Jul 2016, 23:37

The brake pistons are probably a little old and rusty; I would have them pulled out and rebuilt or polished. You can do the job yourself if you are a little handy; there's all kinds of videos online.

Also old rubber lines have a tendency to expand. You might want to replace them with stainless steel.

Well that's my two cents, hope it helps you.

1980 Honda CB900C from Canada


It's a classic keeper to the end!


Slight oil leak in the head gasket at 50,000.

Replaced the original seat at 30,000 with a Corbin.

Odometer driver gear failed at 54,000.

Replaced pipes with Jawa 4-4.

General Comments:

The bike continues to perform much better than I thought it would.

The original seat had to go - replaced it with a Corbin custom - at last comfort!

Rear suspension a wee bit soft with a passenger.

Pulls my trailer without difficulty.

Although top heavy, it is a pleasure to handle - just don't let it lean too far when stopped.

To date, I have received numerous offers to sell it - not likely.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2009

16th May 2009, 14:10

We have a 1980 Honda CB900 16,000 miles, excellent condition, what do you suggest we ask for it?

8th Oct 2012, 14:15

If there are no issues, (i.e.: rusty gas tank, dented gas tank, missing/cracked side covers, imperfect turn signals, etc) I wouldn't be afraid to ask $1,500 to $2,000 USD.

6th Jul 2014, 07:02

I would say 1500 to 1700 at least; possibly more depending on condition. Great bikes, low maintenance & good for many more miles.

1981 Honda CB900C from United States of America




Leaky valve cover gasket at 18,000 miles.

General Comments:

Best bike I ever owned, as regards looks, power, comfort, reliability, low maintenance.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2009

1981 Honda CB900C from United States of America


A very fun and enjoyable machine


Front brake calipers seize up during off season.

The dual range shifter is stiff. Hard to use.

The front master cylinder is brittle and leaks.

General Comments:

I bought this bike from an "older" co- worker. He gave me a price I could not refuse.

The bike was in non-running condition when I bought it. It had six years of dust, dirt, and rust built up on it. The first thing I did was, I bought a new battery and spark plugs. Also, a fresh gallon of gas.

The bike finally started. Ran just like a bike would after sitting so long. The carburetors leaked. The bike sounded weak.

So, I bought a gallon of carburetor cleaner. Pulled the carburetors off the bike and headed to my dad's house. Dad and I spent the better part of the day cleaning them.

In the end, it was worth every penny. The bike runs great. We also spent days on end cleaning the bike.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2009

1st Mar 2009, 10:45

In 59 years, I've had a bunch of bikes, Harley's, (four), James, Zundapp, Triumph, Honda's, (three) ---- bought my CB900C new in 1981, still have it. It's still in almost new condition. Nothing I've ridden comes close to it in reliability, looks, power, and low maintenance.

A note to the guys who stated their bikes were hard to start after sitting for some time. They probably aren't aware that one of the carbs has an accelerator pump. It's only necessary to twist the throttle handle a few times and then crank the engine with only a small amount of throttle and varoom.

The only things replaced on my bike in 28 years are tires, batteries, plugs, oil filters, and one valve cover gasket. I don't beat on a bike real hard, but when I do kick it in the tail, it's still a rush, and it still smokes the rear tire easily.

Best bike I ever owned, and at my age, my last one.

3rd Sep 2017, 11:55

In my 59 years, I've always wanted a CB900C and finally found a deal that I couldn't refuse. A 1981 with 11k miles. Changed the oil and filter, aired up the tires and ran a bottle of Techron thru the carbs. My starter drags when hot, have ordered a new one from Ricks, hoping that solves the problem. The bike is a pleasure to ride...