1983 Honda CM450 Custom


Perfect first-bike, or city commuter!


Throttle cable snapped.

Right rear turn signal stopped working.

General Comments:

Great handler.

Decent on gas.

Good around town with a passenger (not so much on highway, though...)

Decent on the highway by yourself, except I would suggest you have sufficient upper-arm strength to combat those problematic wind gusts!

I'm 6'3", 200lbs, and I still find this little bike to perform quite well for me! Acceleration is good (beats every car off the line) but drops off at around 80km/h...top speed (for me anyway) is about 120km/h (and that was before I cleaned the carbs... could be faster now!).

With my height, I look somewhat disproportionate on the bike, so to correct this I have replaced the rather large, swooped-back handlebars with flat drag bars (makes us tall folks look a bit more comfortable and reduces wind drag).

Hope this helps!


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Review Date: 6th June, 2006

26th Oct 2008, 20:59

My 1983 Honda 450c (stock) has a top speed of 150kmh, just thought you would like to know.

11th May 2010, 03:04

I weight about 160lbs and can hit about 140km/h, but bike is struggling and MPG drops to 40mpg. Bike seems happiest cruising around a 100km/h. And when cruising at between 62mph - 65mph, I get +62 miles per gallon on highway. So far I've put three thousand miles on my CM450E, and I love the gas savings.

23rd Apr 2011, 20:28

My CM450 gets 62mpg at 62mph also; got to love that.