2006 Piaggio X9 500


The X9 500 is a remarkable, enjoyable and safe bike to ride when all is operating perfectly


The idling caused me great grief as it would stall as I came to a stop... it would have to be continually rev-ed to keep it from stalling while waiting for traffic lights to change. THE WORST was when it stalled on the highway! The dealer after many shop time hours, finally replaced the entire unit.

The latch securing the seat to the frame no longer sets, and have had to use bungee cord to hold the seat down when not riding.

General Comments:

All the little caps to protect screw heads around the front were lost within months of ownership, and the cost to replace (if any to be found) was ridiculous.

The battery could be much stronger or heavy duty, since in Canada our spring and fall nights get quite low in temp. and the drain on batteries is considerable.

All in all, though, the purchase of my Piaggio X9 500 is rated as one of the BEST decisions my wife and I have made TOGETHER. She feels safe and comfortable when riding the bike with me, and were it not for our ages of 68 and 63, we would be riding a great deal more!

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Review Date: 20th March, 2010

18th Aug 2011, 02:36

I have the Piaggio X9 500sl too. I have the idle problem. Read about the rpm. My rpm is 1200 and when I read on the net, it is recommended to be 1600+/- 50. What is yours?

22nd Aug 2011, 00:46

Can you tell what they replaced to cure the stalling problems at stops??

27th Feb 2012, 02:05

Sorry for the delay. Well, it's just a simple new throttle body, which cost me about Singapore $200. After that, it runs so well. Now, I just bought another used 500 sl, while the first one I gave to my brother in-law. The second one is just great.