2009 Suzuki Boulevard C90


Excellent bike for the bucks


Bad gas is a nightmare to try and remove. Can't siphon.

Excessive vibration through the handlebar.

General Comments:

Small fuel tank, no reserve.

Passenger foot pegs a little high for comfort.

Otherwise a great bike.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2010

15th Jun 2010, 21:54

Can anyone tell me why on earth Suzuki put on a smaller tank than the C50? What's up with that? I have a C50 and I love it, but am looking to upgrade, and the C90 is really what I'm thinking about, but this false tank business is really driving me to think twice. I can get a little over 300 km on C50, and am told the C90 gets considerably less.

2008 Suzuki Boulevard C90


Shifting problems caused by the shift lever being out of position and interfering with the floorboard. No problems otherwise except for some oil usage running 10-40. A litre of 15-40 added stopped that.

General Comments:

Good performance for a highway cruiser. Smooth, quiet, excellent low end, good gas mileage close to the speed limit.

Not a speed bomb; my first impression was that it was a gutless wonder, but I have been spoiled by my midrange monster V-Strom 1000. Still, I have come to really appreciate the effortless way this bike can cover the distance, and it takes much less concentration and is easier to ride than the Strom over a long days ride. Powerwise, it does the job.

The bike has fairly stiff el-cheapo suspension that doesn't like rough roads, but it is still worlds better that the soggy limp suspenders the 1400 was cursed with.

It's very smooth, the mirrors crystal clear; but the gearing is tall and under 90 kph it is happier in forth, smoother and more responsive.

It's a wonderful highway cruiser, easy to hold at a steady speed with the heavy flywheels, and it tips into corners effortlessly at highway speeds. Handling is very stable at cruiser speeds. Low speed turns are somewhat clumsy. This is a long bike.

If you must push things, this is not your bike. If you insist, the frame will flex and the touring tires slide, but for sensible, comfortable travel, this is not an issue.

The brakes are great, worlds better than my 1400 Intruder.

Yeah the small tank is a pain, but the good gas mileage and accurate gas gauge help a lot.

It's a good traveling companion, especially for the taller rider.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2010