6th Dec 2010, 08:52

I agree with the tank reserve issue. 3.7 gallons only get you about 150 miles on the C90. Also have vibration in the handle bars. Otherwise, handles well, and a comfortable ride.

16th Mar 2011, 21:42

I have a 2008 C90, and love the bike, but hate the limited range. I just put a Gman aux tank, an extra 10 litres of fuel. I now get over 400km on a fill! I had to change out the stock pipes, as the aux tank needed the space under the bike that they use. The GMan tank is an excellent product that I would highly recommend.

17th Oct 2016, 17:52

If you put a cruise control on its grip and set it at 90 KM/H (of course the speed will vary according to the ups and downs of the road) you will be able to get almost 250 to 270 KM per tank.

I was once traveling to Sharm El Shekh in Egypt and missed a fuel stop; I got 60 KM from the start blinking of the last fuel mark, and when I got to the fuel station, I put in 14L; this means that there was still a half L in the tank.

The secret of the excellent handling of the C90 is the location of the fuel tank; it's in the center of the bike and right below the rider.

28th Nov 2016, 02:00

The C90 is known for crap stock bearing in the steering. Change out to tapered bearings and it will be a whole new bike.

13th May 2017, 17:33

How was the cooling??. I know that Sharm can get really warm and some comments mentioned that the C90 can feel hot in traffic.

21st Jun 2017, 04:17

I have a C50 and a C90. Really on the highway the C90 gets better mileage because it has higher gears than the C50. The C50 is easier to scoot around, but I love the C90. It's comfy, my gear fits perfect in my Mustang seat, and I can ride all day.

8th Feb 2018, 17:38

I fill up my C90 2x a week. Use it for everything - work, store, pick up beer, hot rod, 25k miles, no problems. Did do the mod 3 with a CE 602 rectifier; charges great now. Gets good fuel mileage when I take it easy. Will put a G man tank on it when I have the bucks.

21st Feb 2018, 02:31

I am thinking about a 2017/2018 C90t. What is the Mod 3 upgrade/ rectifier? What does that do and or fix? Thanks.