2002 Triumph Daytona


European prestige with Honda reliability


Front rotors warped, replaced under warranty.

Hard to start when cold; finally remedied by a non Triumph shop.

General Comments:

I loved this bike at first sight, and after a test ride I succumbed to its charms. It's not a Ducati, but it's a little more exotic than your average Japanese bike at least.

I love the character of the motor. It has smooth power everywhere, without any sudden peaks in its delivery. And it never seems strained, no matter how fast it's spinning. Plus that sound...

Handling is superb for the real world. It feels taut and athletic without the harshness that some sport bikes can have. The suspension may not be as focused towards the sport end of the spectrum as others, but I think it's an excellent compromise.

Then there's comfort. This bike had none. It was only after I replaced the seat with a Sargent and installed Heli-bar risers, that I could ride this thing pain-free. But pain or not, I still put 55,000 km on it before installing them because it's just so nice to ride...

Reliability has been great, the bike has never let me down. Any small problem that has come up was only made worse by the ineptitude of the dealership. I started taking it to a Honda dealership and my blood pressure has dropped accordingly. Not the bike's fault. And servicing has been surprisingly cheap, noticeably better than my 1993 vfr750.

Overall, my 955i has turned out to be an awesome sport tourer, with most of its focus on "sport".

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 19th August, 2007