2003 Triumph Speed Triple


This manufacturer is well worth the price of admission

General Comments:

Just regular maintenance with synthetic oil keeps this Triple flyin' all year 'round.

I replace the tires every 8-10000Ks and it sees hard usage most of the time.

It is seriously cool machinery, very fast and handles well compared to other naked bikes.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2005

21st Feb 2005, 14:15

This is an excellent machine with great potential for tuning. My 1995 Speed Triple still looks modern and is capable of making any rider grin when you gun it. The only major problem with these early Triumphs is the dreaded sprag clutch. This is the device which enables the starter to turn the engine over. They all and I mean ALL fail eventually with some expiring in less than 16000 miles. This is an engine out job in most cases and can cost £600 or more to rectify if taken to a dealer.

Although this leaves a nasty taste in the mouth, once the mod is done, you should have no more problems. The later bikes are OK though.