2001 Triumph TT600


One of the best deals going on a last gen supersport


Nothing so far.

Some say the 600TT's styling went out of date as it was released; however, now with age; it just appears to be a late 90s classic; and it looked good sitting beside the GPZ. Though it won't be eligible for a collector plate in British Columbia until 2026.

General Comments:

I find the 600TT provides the right balance for me as a daily rider. Relatively light middleweight for its time; heavenly brakes and more HP than any commuter really needs. This is my first fuel injected bike buy and I find it to be an easy starter and very smooth in the city; and a rocket on highway. The bike is ergo enough for commuting; and a total goshawk in the twisties (and the track). It make a very sporty, sport tourer. I ran the old tires down to center slicks; and only last week put a pair of new Michelin PR4's on. Today I was out for a 250km rip through the Fraser Valley, BC and the bike handled like a dream.

This Hinckley Triumph was unfairly ignored in its day and is relatively unloved today. Thus if you can find one, they tend to go for a song.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2020