1986 Yamaha XJ700 Maxim X


Take it to the max with Maxim X


I bought this from a fireman, in Sutton, Ont. He worked at Yamaha in 85 when it was introduced, and always wanted one but it was too expensive, 4500. So in 2005 he found a black Canadian model, more HP, not affected by embargo, and made it into pristine condition. I went to see it, he reluctantly let me ride it, and wow, explosive take off power. The sound of the engine, and when I sat on it, the retro feeling, I said yes.

Every motorcycle shop and mechanics say that it is a great bike. Very innovative for 1985.

I bought a 2009 FJR, and my friend said you don't need it, but there is something special, I was told by a lot of shops, it's super clean, keep it forever. It is better than the V-Max of that era; I rode a few, and when I get back on the Max-X, I feel a great feeling of this is it. I've ridden a lot of new machines, and when I get back on the X, I still have a smile, and I say nothing can touch this. Well, I really wouldn't go that far, but I think everyone knows what I mean. My son made me an email address. It is maximxforlife. Nice of him huh.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2014

1985 Yamaha XJ700 Maxim X


Flasher won't work stay on!

Carb flooded; fix that.

Overheating, found bad wires and set up carbs.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2011

9th Sep 2011, 23:21

This bike is a great bike, it runs like a champ, so most likely your problem is the carb needs to be cleaned.

1985 Yamaha XJ700 Maxim X


A keeper



* Cleaned and synchronized the carburators.

* Cleaned and coated the gas tank.

* New tires.

* Use Yamaha motor oil and filter.

Slight clunk when shifting from first to second. Others gears are OK.

Headlight beam shudders under acceleration at night.

Great acceleration and braking (previous owner did the brakes).

Can be slow to fire up when cold.

General Comments:

A nice cruiser, and not too many around.

Seating is too upright for day trips. Need frequent rests to get the kinks out of one's back.

I like it.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2009

21st Apr 2009, 15:18

I have 70,367 miles on my 85 Yamaha Maxim X, and it's still going strong.

1986 Yamaha XJ700 Maxim X


Excellent cruiser of all time


At first I didn't realise what I was getting in to. After buying an XJ700S though, it's a rare find for parts, and I am convinced it's going to be my collectible. I have taken it from the previous owner, I find the clutch is too hard (feels like taking a break stop) but no slippage, can anyone suggest if it's just the cable.?

Also I don't find a smoother ride (revs high) on 3,4,5 gears (feels like I am still on 2nd or 3rd gear).. Could this be because of the wrong grade (automotive) oil during storage.? Any idea? Thanks.

General Comments:

It's a wonderful cruiser on a sports engine. Wish the production had stayed on, and new parts were still available to completely rebuild it new.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2009

16th Sep 2010, 21:46

Hey, my name's Nathaniel, and I am also the owner of an XJ700 Maxim. I have found that during normal driving, the engine does seem to sound like it is at higher revs, but it's just normal for the bike.

As for the clutch stopping hard, my bike does not do that, so it might be the cable, or your clutch lever could be tensioned too tight. You could try loosening the clutch cable, and see if it helps.

Also, I run Mobil 1 fully synthetic 4t 10w-40, which is intended for racing style 4 cylinder engines.

Hope this helps.

17th Sep 2010, 19:47

Speaking on oil, I have used several different ones, and finally decided to try the Amsoil motorcycle oil, and the bike is real smooth running with it, plus it does not appear to get rotten like other oils. I had tried the Yamaha motorcycle oil and did not find much of a difference. The guy selling it was the same one that did my bike inspection, and he was the one that said "try it, you'll like it". Over the years I had been using 10/40 oil, and at the vibration point of 4900 RPM it was very noticeable, but since I went to the Amsoil, I no longer have the old familiar "hand hum" after riding all day long.