1991 Kawasaki ZZR 1100


An endless orgasm in a supersonic BUS


Fuel pump relay went off the wire only once.

General Comments:

Big, heavy, but comfy sport tourer, with lots of torque and even more bhp. Comfy for 2up, or single. Excellent acceleration, consumption even better. City commuting needs 7lit/100km, highway blast about same. On open roads and curves it goes down well below 6lit/100km. Very reliable dog, that could take me anywhere, anytime from -11C to +45C with no complaints. Wind protection is superb up to 100mph cruise, for all day long. For 3 years of ownership didn't blink once (except the fuel pump relay faulty contact). Even the battery didn't need attention at all in 4 years.

Downsides of this big bear are: Handling/steering is really on the weak side; you need to plan your slow curves because there will be no second chance, especially 2up. Brakes are well underpowered for the weight. If you find some bad surface, you will have almost no brakes and steering at all. Rear tyres and front pads wear quickly, carbs and front fork need frequent attention and servicing (did mine every year).

However, this package of power and comfort is nearly the best buy on the market given the very low price for some time. Will buy another Kawasaki any time, day or night, with no second thoughts at all.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 9th June, 2020