2010 Kymco Agility 50


Smart choice


When scooter is driven for about 20 minutes, the engine is cutting off and unable to start again for 5 - 10 minutes. This was because a vacuum 'T' shaped tube was loosing rigidity due to engine warming. Replaced under warranty.

Exhaust is rusting very quickly, but only because I drove it on a road where anti-ice salt was poured.

Carburettor jets clogged very often and needs cleaning (low quality petrol). Removing and cleaning the carb is simple and easy, but I'm thinking of installing a second fuel filter.

General Comments:

This scooter ideal for city commuting, but not for trips more than 10 km long.

Driving position OK, but gives me lower-back pain after 30 minutes.

Seat material is average, and sliding body forward when braking.

Steering handle positioned low, and sometimes I press the horn button with my left knee.

Awkward ignition key position. I'm afraid I might break it with my right knee.

Useful rear seat-backrest.

Underseat storage compartment enough for essential toolkit, XL-size jet helmet (or M-size full-face) and some other small things.

Very good build quality.

Central display gives you basic info: speedometer, kms traveled, fuel gauge, turn signal and high beam indicator.

Factory installed tyres are good for dry weather, but not for wet, where I found the scooter unstable, driving it across pedestrian crossings and other horizontal signalization.

Good and easy to use the central stand, but the side stand is going back to its original position, so it needs extra attention.

Average performance, but that's expected from 50cc GY6.

Driving uphill decreases speed significantly.

Top speed at flat road 55 km/h (c.v.t. smooth pulley joint and carb. jet (82 - orig. 80) replaced).

Could do more by de-restricting c.d.i.

Fuel consumption is 2.5 liters/100 km constantly.

Cheap and accessible maintenance parts, and simple to work on.

Good value for money paid, and it comes with 3 years unlimited kms warranty.

Cheap insurance and tax exempt (at least in Serbia).

I would recommend it as a basic, urban form of transportation with moderate performance.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 25th January, 2011