2005 Honda CBX250


Super fun bike


None so far.

General Comments:

I bought a 2005 CBX Twister about a week ago, and I'm loving it. It's in excellent nick and looks great in bright red.

Finding it incredibly easy to ride, and it handles well while city riding. It's nippy and has a cool engine note.

It's quite chunky for a 250, and it has this aggressive stance, which makes it really attractive.

Looking forward to some fun times with this bike.

My chain/sprocket wear indicator label peeled off from the swing arm. Where's the exact spot to place the label again?

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Review Date: 10th October, 2011

2008 Honda CBX250


Excellent value for money


Bike was supplied with the incorrect spark plug.

General Comments:

A wonderful, fuel efficient, bike.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2009

2007 Honda CBX250


Offers value from Honda


No problems experienced.

General Comments:

The seat is uncomfortable on a long run.

The paintwork on the aluminum side plates at the bottom of the bike is of a poor quality, tending to stain and fade, and does not respond to polish.

The bike rides well, has sufficient power to climb hills with relative ease, and is very good value for money, attracting many an envious admirer.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2008

2007 Honda CBX250


Overall Rating: Excellent!


Nothing to date. It is still too early to comment as the bike is still new.

General Comments:

This bike is awesome! Its my first bike and absolutely easy and fantastic to ride. It is the perfect beginners road bike. I would recommend this model to anyone that has never ridden before and want to start. I would also suggest using the CBX250 for your licence test as well, as it is much easier to maneuver on the testing course as compared to a larger bike.

The bike is very comfortable. Perfect for everyday commuting to work and back. The 16,5L tank goes a long way. However, after riding for a little while, I do now feel that the bike is a bit small and I will probably upgrade to a 600 or 1000cc in a years time.

Another problem is the wind factor. At 100km/hour, being a light bike, the wind tends to move the bike around, which causes you to lean more. But here again, fitting a small wind shield will sort this problem out.

Like any rider, once you have a small bike and after enjoying it for a while, you always look at stepping up a notch and upgrading to a larger bike.

I would recommend this bike as a first bike to any new rider, as it is easy to learn on and to get your riding up to spec, especially in heavy traffic. It will also prepare you for the bigger bike!

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Review Date: 21st September, 2007

21st Sep 2007, 18:46


I am interested in getting a motorbike and I'm considering the CBX 250. I have never ridden a motorbike before. How difficult was it to get going with this bike?

10th Jan 2009, 23:41

I have owned my CBX250 since March 2008 and have covered about 23000 kms during this time. I live in Howick, KZN, and shortly after buying the bike, I traveled up to Johannesburg; east to Komatipoort on the Mozambique border; then south through Swaziland; and finally down the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal and home to Howick.

I weigh 85 kgs, and covered between 400 to 500 kms per day; during which I found the seat adequately comfortable.

I maintained speeds between 100 to 120 kms/hr, and achieved consumption figures ranging from 29 to 33 kms/litre.

I fitted a wind screen and a GIVI top box, and found these additions greatly enhanced the home comforts while traveling.

Since then I have done a return trip to East London with similar results.

I too would like to get a larger capacity bike, which is likely to be a Yamaha TDM900, however, I am unlikely to dispose of this Honda.

I am less impressed with Honda, as an organization, in this country, however, I would consider any Honda bike again without hesitation.