1996 Suzuki RF400R




Its got a bit of a noise in top gear, but according to the mechanic it is normal.

Other than that, my wife fell with the bike, but it only picked up a few scratches, which can be repaired.

General Comments:

Handles fantastic, sounds like a dream and the acceleration is nice and smooth. Looks like a big bike with all the benefits of a small bike.

My next bike would also be a RF, but a 600 or a 900.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2009

2nd Nov 2010, 09:09

Hi, I recently bought myself a Suzuki RF400. I absolutely adore this bike, but I think its fuel consumption is very high. I estimate it at about 9km/l; is this normal for this bike or is there something wrong with mine? I really hope someone can help.

30th Mar 2011, 05:16

Hi, I also have a RD400, I think you should be getting at least half more again... but you might be thrashing the... out of it LOL.

It is a great bike. Had mine for a year now. Been brill. I am now after a Kawi zx600r...

Take care and have fun!

20th Jan 2015, 02:15

Hi, I'm from Peru. Could someone send me a picture of the CDI (central digital igniter) of a Suzuki RF400R, where you can see the number indicating the item. Also a website where I can buy it.

You can send it to e-daltonbusier1@yahoo.es... or Facebook: Dalton Pardave Facundo. Thanks.

10th Dec 2015, 09:50

Hey yeah, I have an RF400 too, although she's not going at the moment. I adore the bike, she's wicked to ride and reliable as, but yeah I found mine to be very thirsty as well... giving her regular services seemed to help a little LOL.

18th Jul 2016, 17:09

Hi, I've got the same, how do I remove the front seat on it? The battery is dead, I need to change it, how do I do it? Thanks.