1996 Suzuki RF400R from South Africa




Its got a bit of a noise in top gear, but according to the mechanic it is normal.

Other than that, my wife fell with the bike, but it only picked up a few scratches, which can be repaired.

General Comments:

Handles fantastic, sounds like a dream and the acceleration is nice and smooth. Looks like a big bike with all the benefits of a small bike.

My next bike would also be a RF, but a 600 or a 900.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2009

2nd Nov 2010, 09:09

Hi, I recently bought myself a Suzuki RF400. I absolutely adore this bike, but I think its fuel consumption is very high. I estimate it at about 9km/l; is this normal for this bike or is there something wrong with mine? I really hope someone can help.

30th Mar 2011, 05:16

Hi, I also have a RD400, I think you should be getting at least half more again... but you might be thrashing the... out of it LOL.

It is a great bike. Had mine for a year now. Been brill. I am now after a Kawi zx600r...

Take care and have fun!

20th Jan 2015, 02:15

Hi, I'm from Peru. Could someone send me a picture of the CDI (central digital igniter) of a Suzuki RF400R, where you can see the number indicating the item. Also a website where I can buy it.

You can send it to e-daltonbusier1@yahoo.es... or Facebook: Dalton Pardave Facundo. Thanks.

10th Dec 2015, 09:50

Hey yeah, I have an RF400 too, although she's not going at the moment. I adore the bike, she's wicked to ride and reliable as, but yeah I found mine to be very thirsty as well... giving her regular services seemed to help a little LOL.

18th Jul 2016, 17:09

Hi, I've got the same, how do I remove the front seat on it? The battery is dead, I need to change it, how do I do it? Thanks.

1994 Suzuki RF400R from New Zealand





General Comments:

My RF400r is what biking is about.

Being able to jump on the bike, hitting the starter button and knowing it's going to start. Heading out into the hills and having the time out your life.

I can't say enough good things about the bike, I will being moving up to a RF900... there's just something about these bikes... they are so understated!

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Review Date: 6th May, 2007

9th Jul 2009, 06:49

I have a Suzuki RF 400R. The carburetors were set and the plugs changed since that the bike will only start and ride for 2 days, then the plugs are shot. If you replace the plugs again, the same problem will occur. Can anyone that has had this problem before, please give me some advice as this is becoming expensive. I am very desperate.

13th May 2013, 14:27

You need to get a new digital igniter electronic board, which is right under your seat. When it dries out with time, electrical boosts take place and burn out the sparks.


9th Aug 2015, 12:19

If the spark plugs are very black and sooty when they come out, then there are 4 sets of o-rings in the carbs which need to be replaced. Also if the float heights are set wrong, it can cause this. Hope this helps :)

22nd Oct 2017, 07:25

I have an RF400R with the same problem. Put in ek9 NGKs... and new coil packs leads... and it runs very clean and aggressive. Drove like a 70 to 80km distance... So I switched it off and on after an hour... and there's the same problem... plugs are burnt... and it's new plugs...

18th Mar 2018, 07:56

Hi, I have the same bike, a Suzuki RF400R. I looked up these questions because I have the exact same problem... The spark plug that they gave me for this bike gives two spark, but then you have that problem... Take the spark plug and bend the two tips a bit apart... I saw this through holing the spark outside and starting to see how the spark is, and I saw how the further the spark block's held away, the faster the spark, so I bent it open and that was the problem; it runs smoothly now with no problem... And you'll see everyone has got the same problem with the spark. Really try this; it will work I promise.