1982 Armstrong MT500


Grrrr!!! You're FIRED! But I like you, sort of



General Comments:

Didn't have this machine long.

Why, because.. because.. because, I don't know why.

Reliable? Oh yes!

Stonking stonkability, stonking stonk! My son! Great bike, but what a pig to start! Little window down on the engine to see if a little something was in the right position. If not kick around until it was. Then apply some magic herbs and an incantation and boot the kick start.. Voila! Nothing! Wrong magic spell... cast another VVVrrrommm thud thud thud. Bomb proof! Start proof too sometimes.

What a horrid little warthog. An ex army bike with a bad attitude problem. It didn't obey orders, namely 'START!' Armstrong, you're fired! Great ped though! Unless you own one and have friends, no pillion pegs! Boo hoo! PIG!

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 14th June, 2008

31st May 2014, 16:25

Love this review... I want one! Don't know why?

8th Jun 2015, 21:34

Sometimes we need to 'tease' or 'torture' ourselves a bit... To be 'politically correct'... To 'Challenge' ourselves. If you fancy a little dose of 'annoyance' and 'frustration', the MT500 could be right up your street. Or if it's 'playing up' just outside your house, depending on its mood. Definitely a 'love hate' Bike. Hahaha.