1990 BMW K1


A fine sports tourer with wonderful looks; rare too


Weeping fork seals.

Rear brake light micro switch died a death.

Most parts are K100 16v, so no problem there.

Bodywork getting scarce and expensive.

General Comments:

Build quality second to none, but in its day it was BMW's flagship model and nine grand new.

Easy to work on.

Comfortable, really great fairing, legs can feel cramped over a long haul.

Bad vibration through bars. Not, not good in thin summer gloves.

Headlight needs a bigger bulb.

Luggage can be a problem owing to fairing boxes on the back. Use a rucksack and travel light.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 14th September, 2008

20th Nov 2008, 14:15

I made a mistake on the running cost thing. For a 1000cc bike the costs are very low. 55 to 60 MPG easy. Classic insurance if over 21 (£128 fully comp for me in a town at 40 years old). General spares are cheap from non BMW dealers. All in all this is the cheapest bike, to run, I've ever owned. Even my first 125 cost more to run!