1991 BMW K 75 RT


A good big heavy bike


Always started first time and nothing went wrong in the year I owned it.

General Comments:

My K75RT was my return to motorcycling riding after a 12 year absence.

It is a big machine with an imposing road presence.

The riding position is very sit up and beg, but great protection from the weather is given by the enormous fairing.

At 6'3" tall, I found it a little cramped for leg room, but OK. I bought the tall screen for it, which pushed any wind blast over my head.

It excels at motorway cruising up to 90mph, where it begins to run out of energy.

The brakes a very powerful with good feel and confidence inspiring ABS.

A heavy machine (285kg). Everything is light and easy to use once on the move, but if you drop it, it'll take two people to pick it up.

I serviced it myself (easy and cheap) and sold it one year later for the same amount I paid for it.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 17th July, 2005