2005 BMW R 1200 RT


Lovely bike with quality issues


Major fault with the gearbox - dangerously jumps out of gear regularly without warning. See below.

Lots of niggly faults;

Light units/indicators misted up.

Corrosion on various visible bolts.

Cruise control switch very stiff.

CD won't accept copies / skips over bumps on shop CDs.

Headlight needed adjusting downwards, which meant revisiting the dealer on the second day of ownership.

Tank panels have no guards like the R1100RT, and mark easily.

Stupid pannier box webbing, not elastics like on the R1100RT.

Box locks repaired under warranty - locked me out.

General Comments:

For a big tourer, it is peerless and superb for long distances. Disappointing finish and quality control for BMW, and not as solid as the R1100/1150RT.

Compared to my previous model, the clocks on 1200 reflect in your face, tank knee guards are missing, boxes are inferior and have daft straps rather than elastics, the seat is not as comfortable, and it has a very different riding position.

Feels more Japanese than BMW - lighter, quicker, more agile, but poorer finish and corner cutting to save weight.

I spent 2005 on it, but had to sell it when I was nearly killed for the third time by the daft gearbox jumping out of gear mid bend, sending me into oncoming traffic again.

BMW checked everything, adjusted the gear pedal, nothing worked, ordered a new gearbox.

Other riders in my club are having the same issue with the 1200 'box, plus a Bike magazine staff rider is on the third 'box with the same issue.

Lovely bike, big problem.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2006

10th Dec 2006, 21:18

I'm not sure what bike he was on. I have a 2006 RT and I have no issues with gearbox, fit or finish, and the cruise control is a dream.

Panniers are easy to use and easy to take off. I've been riding for over 40 years and this is absolutely the finest bike I've ever ridden and I've owned over two dozen bikes.

I'd say, you have a lemon. A very dangerous lemon. Send it back and ride another 1200 RT.

This is not the bike I know and I definitely wanted to make sure there are no lasting impressions or more accurately, false impressions of this bike. This is one, sweet bike!