1997 Ducati 748


Flabbergasting sexy fantastic and more sexxxxxxy


Had the wires from alternator burn out and stopped charging the battery, easy fix though!

Was blowing coolant out of the water tank under the fuel tank, but was over filled by 1 millimeter of water? Very precise level or it looks like a head gasket gone! Be warned LOL.

Apart from that, nothing in 7000 miles, never misses a beat.. EVER...? Very reliable bike...

General Comments:

Turns more heads than a naked blonde... handles like a dream and the brakes are amazing, stops so much better than my GSXR750WP...

Left a CBR1100RR standing over the mountains last month, nothing keeps up with it in the twisty bits.. NOTHING ON EARTH...

Every Japanese bike owner hates you when you have one, because they're so much more exotic than a Japanese bike.

And servicing is cheap as hell now; belts, oil and filter was £80 last month at a local bike shop... cool as...

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 7th August, 2008