2006 Honda CB900F Hornet


Next best thing to an aeroplane



General Comments:

A nice looking bike that drives beautifully and handles OK.

However my main gripe is that even though I've only ridden this once in wet weather, the brown stuff is starting to appear after only 8 months of ownership from new. The bike is garaged always, but I am bloody annoyed that I am now chasing rust like I used to do on machines 10 years and older. This says something about the finish to me.

I purchased a new Honda because everyone seems to applaud their build quality over other makes. But I have to disagree, as with everything now, things are built to a price and this Hornet is losing credibility with me just on this one fault.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 9th March, 2007

24th Nov 2010, 20:26

Maybe you have it in a damp environment. Or are you storing it near chemicals. Some chemicals just by being near things can cause a problem such as yours. Chlorine is one example.