2000 Honda NT650V Deauville


Ticks all the boxes for me

General Comments:

A good competent bike.

Basic, straightforward, easy to ride.

More than adequate power.

Brakes well, pulls and handles well.

Comfortable upright position.

Easy affordable servicing.

Will sit all day long on motorway or demanding twisty roads (not for off roading).

Let the bampots scream past on their superbikes scaring motorists, this bike for me is for pleasure (although still capable of a good turn of speed).

Try one, you will be surprised.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2017

1999 Honda NT650V Deauville


Great mid size tourer

General Comments:

Brilliant bike, comfortable, loads of luggage space, and the performance is not bad either.

The reliability is second to none.

Another great bike from Honda.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2010

2003 Honda NT650V Deauville


Don't buy one if you want to keep it in as new condition


I sold my Deauville within a year due to defective paint on all chassis parts.

Paint was extremely thin and flaking on front forks, engine, drive shaft casing and swing arm.

The swing arm was replaced once under warranty, and yet again the replacement parts went the same way!

Very poor considering my bike only gets used in dry weather, and is always garaged!

General Comments:

You would think the Deauville is the perfect bike; comfortable even two up, fitted panniers, reasonable power from its 650 V twin.

But can you live with the awful paint quality from Honda's Spanish production line?

I didn't !

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Review Date: 11th June, 2008

11th Apr 2009, 07:28

I am sorry to hear you weren't pleased with your Deuville. I like Honda in some respects because of the things they have achieved, but can honestly say I am not enthusiastic about Honda. I am more a Kawasaki man. I have had many motorbikes, especially as restoration projects and a lot have been Hondas and Kawasakis as well as a few Yamahas. The problems I have had with the Hondas, I haven't had with the Kawasakis.

In the mid eighties, Honda began exporting a lot of their production abroad, to the likes of Brazil initially. They now have production lines in India, Thailand etc. The early Hondas were made in Japan. I was thinking about buying a new Honda CBF125 to replace my aging CG125BR, but soon changed my mind when I found out it is made in India. Honda have always been so proud to announce they make motorbikes that are of high quality, reliable and more innovative than their rivals. I wouldn't totally agree. I have a 1990 CG125BR at present and my very first bike was a Kawasaki KH125. By god, I miss the KH125. I am disappointed in Honda. Even a lot of their early bikes had terrible engine problems. A shame.

2003 Honda NT650V Deauville


Extremely satisfactory touring bike


Nothing to date.

General Comments:

Extremely comfortable even on 300 mile trips along the motorway. Quiet and low noise/buffeting to 55 mph at higher speeds not quite so good.

Extremely good weather protection, especially if lower shields, upper wind deflectors and large touring screen are fitted.

Acceleration is good at lower speeds, but tends to be less impressive at higher speeds.

Braking and handling are good with confidence in handling on corners. Little affected by roughness/defects in road surface.

Definitely not a sports bike with fairly heavy, but precise handling.

Starting excellent, even in Winter weather.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2007