1989 Kawasaki GPX600R


Old school fun bike with a bit of grunt to make you smile


Since fixing the existing faults that it had when I bought it, the only fault that has surfaced are the front brakes sticking on and the cable for the clutch needed replacing.

General Comments:

This bike starts first go every time and rides smoothly at low revs, but get past 7000 RPM and it gets a new personality and pulls like a train.

I don't like the handling on the corners, as it feels like it may just fall over. You get used to it and can ride through it without problem, after some time on the machine to get experienced to how it feels.

A side wind will make for a fun ride to as it pushes you around. The choke is a bit fierce and takes a bit of getting used to as it revs the bike into 4K or 5K, so you have to try and hold the lever half way on and off.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2017

1989 Kawasaki GPX600R




On the whole it has been a good bike after I repaired all the problems it had from when I purchased it from the shop... I love riding it...

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Review Date: 15th July, 2010

1993 Kawasaki GPX600R


Well worth the money


Right hand fork seal blew after about 500 miles.

General Comments:

Nice looking bike (in my opinion).

Ultra reliable. I bought it as a commuting hack for around 24,000 miles per annum. It's not garaged & is parked outside (under a cover). I can guarantee that I get on it, press the button & she bursts into life.

Handling is good, not up to a 21st century loony rocket, but enough for me.

Despite what the book says, it returns over 60 mpg (I know this as I check it - sad I know).

Handles the South Wales equivalent of Mad Max 2 (M4 outside Cardiff) with no worries & is as good at weaving in & out of the stationary cages as it is of sticking to 70mph going into work - honestly officer!

Only downside? Hands get frigging freezing - true it is Feb & there is snow on the ground, so what do I expect?

Rolls on from the throttle in top gear at 70 plenty quick enough to keep out of the way of the psychopaths in their BMW's.

Easy to work on, & chain the does seem to stretch. Time will tell how long the tyres last.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2007

1989 Kawasaki GPX600R


20 year old technology (& it shows)


Nothing really, it's just gutless (nothing wrong with the bike at all, just needs more power) & doesn't handle well enough.

Fine as a rainy day commuter, but distinctly lacking any sort of presence or character.

Rear suspension is far too hard even on the softest setting, front end is OK, but anti-dive wouldn't work.

Fitted braided hoses all round & got all the air out, but the brakes were still not that good (calipers were all stripped cleaned & freed off properly.)

Frontal area looks like a 250.

Tappets are a pig to adjust without a special tool.

General Comments:

Would I have another one?


The handling (stiff rear shok aside) was OK, but it had a propensity to throw itself down a bit too quickly in a bend, which could be compared to a hot labrador flopping itself on the floor.

Even with good tyres, it runs out of tread on the rear if you try to corner faster than it wants to go.

A yawn factor of 7 if you want to try & keep up with the bigger boys.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2006

27th Dec 2006, 01:34

Try putting some air in the rear.

1992 Kawasaki GPX600R


A good all round motorcycle if your budget is low, and you want to keep running costs down


Sticking front brake piston.

Headlight aim is way too high, and doesn't want to adjust.

General Comments:

For the age of the bike the acceleration is good, I think the bike has around 87Bhp at the back wheel, this is good for a 600CC, and the bike is quite small.

I'm 6'2 and I find the riding position extremely comfortable. The seat is good, and the handlebars are in a good position.

Mirror position is excellent, no need to move your arms to see behind you.

The front brake problem was easily rectified by a strip down of the calliper and a rebuild.

The suspension is good, and makes for comfortable riding over long distances.

I don't like the fact that the headlight is always on, but that's what happens when you buy an import.

The engine is as reliable as it gets, with regular oil/filter changes the bike will take a regular beating, and will have no trouble in sending the needle into the red area.

I do find the rear end of the bike twitchy in the wet. That was easily cured though by removing the Bridgestone rear tyre and fitting a Continental TKV12.

Fuel consumption is on average 50Mpg, not bad for a bike that will tour and also race on the local roads.

Nice clutch, I'm not fond of hydraulic clutches, it was nice to get back onto a bike with a cable clutch.

I have a full stainless exhaust system fitted to the bike, as I use it all year round, the silencer is a Chrome MOTAD version.

Chain and sprockets are fairly cheap for this type of bike. I have a DID X-ring fitted. Which will probably outlast the life of the bike.

The bike does look somewhat dated now due to its age, and its design does lack that of the newer style machines. But, if you're a lover of the big K, then that's something you like about the bike.

Rear footrests are in a good position for the passenger. My girlfriend is 5'11 and she has no issues with the bike, and it also has a good grab rail position.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2005

6th Oct 2005, 07:12

My brother in law had one of these. Apart from being a pig to start if it was left for a couple of days, it was a great bike!

3rd Apr 2017, 19:34

Had mine three years or so; was imported from North America in 1994. It is a GPX600R C-7 with 9 thousand miles since then till 2013 in very clean condition. It has 4-1 exhaust Vance, LOUD, so probably straight thru... and was probably jetted as it drinks fuel easy as it goes to 135mph. Mileage is now 11,531, new tires, fork seals, air filter...