2005 Moto Guzzi Breva V1100


A really good touring bike, spoiled by a few minor details


After a couple of months, had the recall for the CARC shaft drive due to dodgy bearings. Done by the dealer I bought the bike from, with no problems.

Throughout the life of the bike, the offside indicator fault light has come on for no reason, despite all connections and bulbs being checked/replaced.

Replaced the original Metzler tyres with Avons after 2.5K miles, as the Metzlers started following every line in the road. Avon rear averaging 5K, front 8K.

Changed the starter motor after a new battery did not help poor starting. Starter motors have a reputation for shedding magnets, but mine had the planetary gear shield contacting the rotor and shorting out the coils, 3 times now.

Original luggage looks stylish but when one support bracket end broke, I was told I would have to buy a whole fitting kit at £148. Made my own replacement. Also, the luggage leaks badly and one key broke off in the lock.

Water was getting into the fuel tank due to a blocked fuel cap drain. Removed the tank to fix the drain and replace the fuel filter. Now sorted, but not the most mechanically friendly system.

General Comments:

This is my eighth Moto Guzzi owned since 1980, and the acceleration, gear change, handling and comfort of the Breva is excellent, but I am hankering after the mechanical simplicity of the earlier models, where a glitch in the ECU would not leave you stranded. Too much reliance on electronics methinks.

Things worth having are the screen, heated bar grips, Stelvio hand protectors and rear wheel hugger to keep the crud off the rear suspension. There are several aftermarket legal (ish) exhausts that will give the bike the genuine Guzzi sound.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2012