2002 Piaggio X9 250


A great commuter for a good price with good reliability


A sidelight bulb!

250cc logo on the seat has started to fray a little, but nothing I'm worried about.

Rev counter and MPH clocks get stuck sometimes, they just resume in their own time, or a little tap and they are fine.

General Comments:

Am very impressed with this X9, it's the SL version so has the intercom/radio, and a nice adjustable screen as on the 500cc model.

Honda engine has not missed a beat, and will start up with little hassle after being left for 2 weeks whilst on holiday.

I do use this bike all year round for work, and believe the more these italian scooters are used, the less hassle/problems they give.

I do seem to go through brake pads quite quickly, especially fronts, I put this down to London riding.

The bike is now out of warranty, so I do all the servicing myself, which is quite painless.

The bike feels far sturdier/more planted on the road in strong winds than my old Gilera Runner.

I also really like the amount of lights this bike has too, 2 sidelights, 2 main-beams, so people really see you coming.

Overall I'm really glad I got this scooter, reasonable speed/running costs and can carry a pillion with ease on a nice sized seat with good grab handles.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2005

2001 Piaggio X9 250


Perfect for my needs


Battery needed replacing.

Fuse blew on the dipped lights circuit.

General Comments:

This is the pre-SL model.

Nice bike (has a reliable Honda Foresight engine).

Great for combined city filtering and A-road riding (at 60mph), one or two-up.

On the motorways it will sit at 70mph, two-up, for as long as I care to sit on it, apparently. I have installed a new-style windscreen on my machine, so wind buffeting isn't a problem either.

With under-seat storage and a top-box, I can carry as much as is possible in a small car (e.g. a Smart Car, Lotus Elise, etc). Ever take your wife to shop at Ikea on *your* bike? Well I have, and each time it has worked out fine.

Pity about the dealers -- there are only a handful of really good ones. The rest apparently pale in comparison.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2005