1994 Suzuki GN125


Superb! An undisputed must have for all beginners


I would like to point out that all these faults were due to the age of bike, but mostly lack of care for numerous years from the previous owner. On closer inspection when buying the bike, it was quite obvious the previous owner had a small crash sideways, and had not bothered to do anything with it afterwards.

The 1st thing to go wrong with the bike, was the CDI box blew out.

2nd thing to go wrong was a relay had fallen out, which stopped the indicators working.

3rd thing was a loose connection to the brake light, which meant it stopped working briefly.

4th thing was something to do with the engine revs, which I never got told what caused it, but basically meant it over revved when stationary.

All faults on the bike were very easy to fix, and the cost was very low.

General Comments:

This little gutsy motorcycle is fantastic! Despite a few faults that have popped up from time to time, it has always been hugely reliable, and has only let me down once on the way to work, when I had to push it back (CDI box incident).

The seat is fantastically comfortable. Can literally ride it for hours upon hours.

Handling is near perfect.

It looks super pretty, and with the red and chrome mix, very retro!

Downsides are that it really, really, really hates hills. Go up any gradient of hill, and you notice the speed change almost immediately. If you have been riding for a while though, and the engine has had time to properly warm up, then hills are easier to manage, as the engine will perform better.

Another downside is it doesn't like the cold either. It takes longer for the engine to warm up, which means getting up to full speed takes time. In my experience, the best you'll get to start with is 40, then depending on how long you're riding, you'll eventually reach 50.

Final downside is the brakes are not amazing. They're not dangerous in any way, and not unreliable, but they could be a little bit more responsive in my opinion. Nothing bad enough to cause anyone not to buy the bike.

Back to positives; the bike is truly amazing to use in the summer. The heat and sunshine means you'll be able to hit 60 with great ease (that's the fastest I've ever been able to get it without going down a hill).

As proof of my love and knowledge for this bike, I recently rode it down to Netley Marsh in the New Forest, Hampshire, for the 19th annual Carol Nash Eurojumble. From where I live, it's about a 53 mile journey. Because I still have my L plates and not a big engine, I stayed away from highway roads and stuck to the rural routes (much better for journeys anyway). Apart from some gigantic hills to deal with, the trip was amazing! The bike performed beautifully, and hit 60 a majority of the way.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2012

26th Mar 2013, 07:41

Very helpful in confirming my purchase!

2010 Suzuki GN125


I was looking for my first proper motorcycle, and I definitely found it


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

Only had this motorcycle for a week.

So far everything is going great, beautiful motorcycle, very easy to ride (as I have only ridden a scooter before); I just got on it and went.

Very comfortable, and the build quality is very good.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2010

1999 Suzuki GN125


Good on fuel


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

I have found the motorcycle very reiable and it never let me down, even in cold weather. I would recommend the GN125 to any learner.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2006

2004 Suzuki GN125


Avoid like the plague


Constant idling and firing problem. The bike tends to run really badly when it has warmed up.

The speedo leaks water.

The ignition barrel works loose.

Rust is a constant battle and the bike is only 8 months old.

The front brake is useless.

Water keeps getting into the petrol tank and then into the carb, which causes misfiring.

I could go on all day, I really could.

General Comments:

This bike has been a constant irritation ever since I drove it off the forecourt.

I paid two thousand of my hard earned pounds for it, and since January it's been back to the dealer 6 times.

It's slow even after I had a larger front sprocket fitted. 55mph is all you will get.

The rev counter reads false. One minute it says 8.000 rpm, then the next it says 9.800 rpm.

The dealer has been very unhelpful in rectifying the firing problem.

I will never ever buy another Suzuki ever again.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2005

3rd Dec 2005, 12:51

I am afraid Mr Suzuki makes cheap and (sometimes) cheerful bikes. He does not make great bikes at that level, and I had a GN250 for ten years, which was far better than yours, but the quality is pathetic.

I now have a Kawasaki, which is good, but for quality there is only one bike - Honda.