1993 Suzuki GSX1100G


Wonderful, but with forgivable flaws


Clutch slave cylinder seal required replacing.

Just service items otherwise e.g. new tyres, brake pads, oil and filters.

General Comments:

Saw this bike for sale at York Suzuki, having never heard of them before (they are rare in the UK). I was looking for an 1100 GoldWing, but couldn't find a good one for the price I was willing to pay (£2,000).

However I am very pleased with having something a bit different, and that has a lot more street cred than a Wing.

Plus points are: It is very comfortable; I suffer from lower back pain, but have had no trouble with this bike. The standard seat is well padded, and being 6 foot 3 inches high, means I have no problem touching the ground.

The torque is amazing, and will pull your arms out of their sockets, so you can be very lazy with the gearbox.

I grew up in the 80s, so was a big fan of the UJM type motorcycle, and this behemoth really fulfills all the criteria, except for the massive frame does not come with the hinge in the middle handling, which was part of the 70s and 80s experience.

Minus points are: Styling isn't really retro enough; it is just a VX800 on steroids.

The weight is enormous, especially when you are trying to turn at low speed or around town; the massively raked steering really isn't a help in this respect.

The 18" front wheel restricts tyre choice. I have just fitted Bridgestone BT023s front and rear, so will see how they hold up.

The front forks are too soft and non adjustable. Next on the shopping list are some Hagon progressive fork springs; only £80, so should be a bargain upgrade.

It has the original 4 into 2 zorst, and the chromed down pipes are showing rust along the back. However it looks terrible with a 4 into 1, because of the shaft drive, so the system will stay as long as possible. Also the rest of the chrome is showing the machine's age

The footrests are about 2" too far forward for spirited riding, and the high bars leave you prone to wind blast above 80mph. I have fitted a flyscreen, which helps, but detracts from the looks of the bike.

After market parts, apart from standard service items, are thin on the ground in the UK, but these machines were popular in Germany, so are better catered for there.

All in all, an interesting comfortable cruiser that is capable of scaring the pants off you if the mood should take you (and sometimes if it doesn't).

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Review Date: 26th January, 2013

1994 Suzuki GSX1100G


Very underestimated bike


Changed headstock bearings, front wheel bearings, fork seals, shaft seals, a Hagon rear shock, and a Predator 4 into 1, due to the original exhaust rotting.

General Comments:

A very underestimated motorcycle with great performance. It now handles a lot better with radial tyres. The downfall is fuel economy, which can see a tank empty in a hundred miles or less, depending on your wrist!

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Review Date: 26th October, 2012