2004 Suzuki SV650


Brilliant all-rounder


Absolutely nothing yet, but then I wouldn't expect it to at this age.

General Comments:

This is a perfect all-rounder, ideal for a beginner or an expert. Why? Because it has so much to offer for such a cheap package.

Straight line performance is good (although the top speed is nothing special, about 125MPH ish - as written in a previous review), running costs are very cheap, particularly insurance which is Group 9 (of 17).

Handling is very good straight out of the crate, although some time and money invested in this area can give you one sweet handling machine.

Brakes are good again, although get some braided lines and some better pads, and it's a brilliant stopper.

OK, so in a straight line, it's never going to touch a modern superbike, but let me tell you something - sort out the bits and bobs mentioned above, and you WILL be mixing it with sports bikes on the twisties - THIS reason along with the fact it is so easy to ride, is why it is such a popular bike. Go get one!

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Review Date: 14th December, 2005

20th Feb 2011, 05:47

How is 125 mph not fast... too fast to be safe anywhere on a public road, and this is called an "entry level" bike suitable for novice riders... just how much performance does anyone need (apart from boasting rights)... BTW I've got 40 years riding experience.

2004 Suzuki SV650


An excellent all rounder


The only real thing that has gone wrong is the battery going flat when left in my garage for about a week without it being started, so I bought an Oxford Maximizer, which keeps the battery fully charged no matter how long I leave it without starting.

General Comments:

The model I have is the "s" version k4 with the half fairing in blue, which in my opinion is the best colour for it.

As this is my first bike, it is perfect for the beginner to gain the much needed riding experience on.

The acceleration of the bike is excellent for this category of bike, but the top speed is nothing to write home about.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2005

15th Aug 2007, 02:41

They are a top bike!

I started out with a Kawasaki ZX-6 Ninja, which was a good bike, but expensive to insure, and I didn't use it so I sold it - and then found I missed having a bike. One year later I was test riding the newer versions of the ZX-6, which come out every six months and constantly devalue the one you own, and was thinking do I really need all this power, and to keep losing all this money as they change the models all the time?

I went back to the dealership and asked what were the half faired Suzuki's in the corner and was told that was the SV650 - "It's a twin so you won't like them after a inline four!".

I took one out and as soon as I pulled away from the shop, fell in love with them, and after the hours test ride, walked in and bought a 1999 model (2nd hand).

Since then I am now on my second one (2001 model) and I have had no problems whatsoever; she is the 2001 model and is serviced by a local independent mechanic, and he only has praise for them.

The only modifications I did on both bikes was to fit the lower fairing, and each had a double bubble fitted - it makes the bike look fantastic (especially in the 2001's "Lively yellow") and on the motorway it reduces the windage to nothing.

I have ridden 13000 miles on the 2001 model with 100% reliability, and it looks striking!