1990 Suzuki VX800


Absolutely thrilling bike... buy one!!!


Fork seals at 9500.

General Comments:

Very heavy, but you soon get used to it, the weight is low down so cornering is a real pleasure, there are lots of comments on the web about the front suspension being too soft.. for what?.. It's perfect and gives a truly luxurious ride.

It's a bit reluctant to tick over before it's properly warmed up-about 5 miles, but only in freezing temperatures - otherwise it fires up 1st time.. no choke.. and is happy after a minute or so.

It turns heads wherever it goes because the noise is absolutely gorgeous.. even other bikers on their glitzy £6000 bikes just stand and stare.. it's got a unique presence.. 20 years old and still very much a contender.

Easy to clean too, unlike newer bikes, just keep on top of the chrome because, even though it's excellent quality, it doesn't like the winter salt at all.

I love it... just love it!!!

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 1st March, 2010