1995 Triumph Thunderbird


Brilliant and British!



General Comments:

I've never liked cruisers. This is a cruiser, but I love it. Let me explain.

It may look like a classic olde worlde Triumph, but it doesn't have the character of a cruiser at all. It doesn't ride like it looks like it should. It's way way better. It handles brilliantly. It's surprisingly flickable. The build quality is superb. I have owned loads of Japanese bikes since 1982, and their build quality is so inferior to the Triumph you wouldn't believe it. It's like comparing The Rolling Stones with Jedward (awful X Factor singing duo). I have owned mine for 8 years, and it's been stored outside for half that time, but still looks great.

The engine is beautiful in every way. Over-engineered, reliable, good to look at and lovely to listen to. I have sports exhausts and this is the best sounding bike I've ever heard. Far superior to a Harley, which are wheezy, gutless things. The sound under hard acceleration is gorgeous, but not quite as good as when you shut off. The induction roar is truly addictive.

So here we have a beautiful bike, well built, reliable, economical, good handling, and best of all, BRITISH! Buy one, you won't be disappointed.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 19th May, 2012