2000 Triumph Trophy 1200


Surprisingly quick, great fun and very comfortable


Misfiring, when accelerating. Found not to be carburetter problems. Eventually diagnosed as an ignition coil breaking down.

General Comments:

Great value for money, comfortable tourer.

Surprisingly good acceleration, although mpg is not as good as many modern bikes of the same type.

Also top heavy. This takes some getting used to, but once moving, this bike is a dream to ride.

I had a skittish 600cc Suzuki Bandit previously, and although it was a very reliable bike, it was not very comfortable on long runs, nor did it give any protection from the elements.

The Trophy gives excellent protection, is less prone to cross wind issues and is what it is, ie a big heavy powerful touring bike. If you are not worried about mpg, then these bikes are a lot of fun for low cost.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2011

2000 Triumph Trophy 1200


Great fun, confortable, and fantastic value for money


Slight misfire at low revs when accelerating.

General Comments:

This is a vastly underestimated tourer, with plenty of power and comfort to match.

Although its looks are not to everyone's taste, the large fairing gives excellent protection from the elements.

It is great fun to ride, has phenomenal acceleration, and has 'presence' on the road, ie if car drivers cannot see a Triumph Trophy coming, they need a sight test.

Only a couple of negatives. It is a very top heavy bike, and therefore difficult to handle in slow traffic.

It has a very large turning circle, and is difficult to manoeuvre off the stand manually. Probably sounds stupid, but a low geared reverse gear, as fitted to some big tourers would have been a welcome addition.

Also a gear indicator would ALSO have been useful. I am often not in top gear when I should be, because the engine is so flexible.

In summary. Although the Trophy is no longer in production, it is a lot of bike for very little money. I see no reason to spend upwards of £12k for a touring bike, when a £3k to £4k Trophy 1200 gets all you need.

Final tip, always get on, and off it on the side stand and pull it upright. If it falls over you'll need several helpers to pick it up and to avoid a hernia.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2009

1991 Triumph Trophy 1200


Fast, comfy, but very heavy to maneuver


Bike was stood for 2 years, so needed the carbs stripping and cleaning, as it kept flooding.

I have just noticed there is a fork seal weeping; all related to age of bike.

The fairing, once removed, never goes back on properly!

At low speed it handles like a puppy on a lead, and the turning circle is pathetic, it takes me about 10 shunts to get it out of my gate.

General Comments:

The bike is very quick, but doesn't instill confidence when entering a corner at speed. It is quite comfy 2 up.

The cooling fan comes on after very short time, but so far it has been reliable, so I suppose that's what it's all about.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2008

1993 Triumph Trophy 1200


The best for tall people!!!


It is treacherous on new tyres with wet overbanding on the road.

It is expensive if you want Triumph parts.

It uses a lot of oil, i.e. 1 cc per mile.

Its battery needed replacing with a gel battery with 190 Amps cold-crank capacity.

General Comments:

It accelerates the best, i.e. torque hits in at about 3000 RPM.

It gets up to 70 MPH without going much over 4000 RPM.

It gets over 10 miles per litre, i.e. 250 miles per tank.

It handles well and the owner's manual says not to ride it at a constant speed for any length of time, i.e it is a country racer, (not a tourer).

It has a lean angle of 45 degrees above 5 MPH.

It is vibrationless with K&N air filters and rejetting of the carburettors.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2007

1st Aug 2007, 20:09

Great review of a fantastic bike. I've had mine for two years now. Avoided expensive servicing cost from Triumph, by taking my bike to a classic car and bike mechanic. Have it serviced every every 6k miles.

Triumph parts are very expensive, so buy replacement parts from the discounted stores on the net, or from bike breakers. Plenty around these days. My major expense is fuel, but then I don't ride it economically. :~)

Through Germany I got my bike up to 145mph; not bad for a machine almost 15 years old.