1993 Yamaha FJ1200


Buy one; I guarantee you will not regret it


Harder to control at low speed, but hey it's a heavy bike so it's to be expected really, so wouldn't really call it a fault.

Had to re-adjust the chain tension a few times as it tended to stretch a little bit and squeak annoyingly as the bike warmed up. Seems fine now.

General Comments:

I bought this bike as a step up from my first "BIG" bike after passing my test last year, which was a 1994 Honda CB 500 R.

I'm very, very impressed with the acceleration and power of the FJ 1200. I find that once you are in top gear, there is so much torque throughout the rev range that you find yourself making very few gear changes.

The power is brutal and this bike is an absolute beast of a machine when you twist that right hand back. It's not a machine for the total novice or the faint hearted, but I find it rather easy to ride once it is moving for being such a big, heavy bike.

The fuel consumption is around the mid 30's to the gallon, but that depends on your riding style, and what do you expect with around 119 or so horses at the back wheel? It's a small price to pay for the enormous grin factor that it gives you. I'm starting to judge how happy I am riding this bike by counting the flies on my teeth after every ride.

Another positive side is that it is very comfortable, and I found it surprisingly cheap to insure.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2014

1991 Yamaha FJ1200




Nothing to report defect wise. These are superb machines.

General Comments:

Well this is me on my 4th FJ1200; I just can't see past them.

I have owned loads of other bikes in the past, including Honda ST 1100 & NTV 650 Deauvile.

I sold my last FJ to buy a Honda Pan Euro. What a mistake that was. Within 100 yds of riding the Pan, the noise was hellish. After upgrading the screen twice, it was OK, but it's NO FJ.

Just had the chance of another FJ1200 for £800, full MOT & tax, in nice condition & new tyres, what a buy.

If you're thinking on buying one, do it. These are superb all rounders, & will take you away on your hols, as well as keep up with most things on the road.

Why buy an R1, when you can have these at a fraction of the price?

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Review Date: 25th August, 2010

1993 Yamaha FJ1200


Possibly, the ultimate driving machine


Not a lot really. Nothing serious at all, just silly little things that annoy you. Blown bulbs and the ABS system was a bit temperamental at times.

General Comments:

Best bike I've ridden. Very, very comfortable, a real mile muncher and volcanically powerful.

It wasn't a 'bum up head down' job and wasn't the fastest machine on the road, but, if you were prepared to work on it a bit, it could certainly fly.

For such a big machine, the seat wasn't high and even I, a small bloke, could touch down on both sides.

The wind shield was excellent as was the side stand engine immobilizer. The number of times I've taken off on other bikes with the side stand down!

Being a big bike with a car engine, it wasn't very economical and if you pushed it hard, the fuel consumption was pretty dire.

The engine was this bike's gem, reliable, hugely powerful 125BHP and sounded absolutely gorgeous.

If I was riding again today, I'd have another one.

If you're out there Big Bad Blue, I miss you.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2008

22nd Feb 2009, 11:15

That's too bad you sold it.

I did the same mistake with a GSX 1400 a couple years ago...

Now I'm looking for a good used machine like the FJ 1200 (no cash for a new one).

30th Sep 2009, 01:49

I have a ZX9R and a FJ1200. I love the FJ1200. I'm selling the Z 9 and it's nearly new. The old FJ is much better by far. My kids don't like her 80s look, but I do love it. What a bike.

14th Jan 2010, 14:18

It's wonderful to read so many positive comments about the old FJ's. Just tonight I've agreed to buy a '91 model in original condition for a grand, and I can't wait to get my hands on her. Looking forward to all this snow melting and some warmer, lighter evenings in the summertime.

14th Nov 2010, 15:33

I have owned an FJ1200 for 20 years. The bike has covered to date 124,000 miles. Very good acceleration, comfort, 150 M.P.H, 35/43 M.P.G.