2010 Yamaha Majesty 400


King of the Road



General Comments:

I'm not one for cliches, but the Yahama Majesty 400 is truly King of the Road.

I've had it for one year, and have just used it in the city, and was satisfied going at 50 mpg, weaving in and out of traffic with ease, and using it to go to work and back.

I am now a quarter of a way through a trip from Scotland - Germany - Poland - Ukraine - Romania - Serbia - Hungary - Germany - Scotland, and have not been disappointed. The windy Scottish roads were taken with ease, and the German autobahns were weaved through. I was a bit anxious about the motorway riding, as I had had an Xmax 250 and was blown around like a paper bag, but the Majesty was very stable. It has a nice cruising speed of 80 mph, and has an impressive 72 mpg.

The only problem I have had is getting my head blown off, as the visor is not that high, which has led to discopathy in my neck and a pulled muscle in my shoulder. However this is entirely my fault for not putting the practice in. It handles the long queue of traffic at the border with contempt, and as cagers were sitting twiddling their fingers, I was weaving in and out, avoiding the oncoming lorries and heat.

I have a nice little Yamaha bag between my legs, a bag on the seat and a top box, and have used half the storage space under the seat. More than enough room for a small laptop, spa clothes and odds and ends, and a little left over should I want to buy something interesting in Amsterdam on the way back.

It has been as hot as 37 degrees on the road, and the engine is handling it and no engine oil is being used. I feel very safe on it because of the maneuverability and the speed. A comfortable 75 mph on main roads, with a bit of uumph to get past the cagers and crawlers. Even at 80 mph on the motorway, I know I can still ride my way out of trouble.

I am now headed for the mountains of Ukraine, Romania and Serbia, and cannot wait. It goes up hills with the greatest of ease and has plenty of power. I am not a show off or a Sunday rider; I bought the Majesty as a means to an end, a mode of transport to work, a vacation bike and a relaxer. It is very comfortable and does not give you time to think. The seating position is fine for the lumbar region, with the spare seat acting as a cushion. For me, this bike is King of the Road.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2012

17th May 2015, 07:50

Great review, thanks for sharing! I just can't wait to get my Majesty during the next week!

Cheers, Laszlo from Hungary.