1994 Yamaha RD 350


Classic 1980 pocket rocket


Exhaust gaskets blown; a common fault with this model.

Also the fuel tank leaks; another problem with this model.

General Comments:

A very swift lightweight bike, but a bit thirsty on fuel and oil. Last of the ypvs models that was made in Brazil, so had a few manufacturing problems, but mine seems to be OK now I have ironed out the faults.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2007

3rd Jan 2008, 03:49

I had a 1982 RD350, loved the thing. Its demise came when I lost it on an A Road in the wet, I had to jump off it as it was sliding on its frame. It smashed into a crash Barrier then burst into flames. I did not have it in my name, so I just left it where it fell. I still miss it to this day.