1977 Yamaha RS100


It could rule the WORLD!!


I blew a hole in the piston because it was just SOOOO fast, not.

Apart from that and having to replace the exhaust pipe due to rust, nothing went wrong.

Oh yes, the seat cover split.. duck tape!

General Comments:

What a blinding little ped! It was herds faster than its little bro' the fizzy fifty and quieter too!

I cut my teeth on this little parcel of heaven! I entered the motoring world on my horrid little RS100.

If you tucked your elbows in, were seventeen years old and studying your A levels at the local Grammar School, put your chin on the tank and maxed it, downhill; it would protest its way to 72mph! The envy of the WORLD!

It was so simple, a child could maintain it, which I was.

Ring a ning ning... Rubbishy fantastic!

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Review Date: 6th May, 2008

30th Aug 2012, 03:54

A friend of mine had this bike while I had a Honda 110. This little ring dinger was wonderful to ride - and I'd love to own one again (and be 17 to boot!).