1977 Yamaha XS500


There are evil men in this world; they built this THING!


Nothing went wrong with the machine. It was pretty reliable and cheap to run. I was borrowing it from a friend, as I was without transport at the time.

Wasn't he kind! Eight months on a borrowed death trap.

General Comments:

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

Worst bike, in the world, ever, bar none. What were Yamaha thinking! The XS500, truly ghastly! It was a Harley wannabe. But who'd wannabe a Harley Davidson?

The machine was two tone, a sort of sandy gold and brown or may be green, I'm colour blind but even in my deficient eyes, horrible!

The XS was just that, XS weight and XS-ively nasty.

The bike, if that's what you'd call it, actually made you feel fat! It did, honestly, I kid you not. I was about ten stone at the time and nearly went on diet as a result of a bike induced feeling of fatness.

The performance was atrocious, I think a wheezy Superdream would have out dragged it. The shear mass and 'greased pork belly' handling made the machine a nightmare.

The semi-chopper design only added to its plethora of horrors. The wind shield wasn't standard, and flapped wildly above 40mph. Not that that mattered too much, the 'alleged' motorcycle could barely break the national speed limit, and had totally run out of steam at 85.

The riding position was classic 'Easy Rider' and oh dear, oh dear!

The engine was hewn from marble, but did actually sound quite nice 'pig PIG pig PIG pig... PIIIGGGG'

The seat was very comfortable and being low, dead easy to get on and off... fall off mostly.

I don't wish to sound ungrateful, but I used to kick the bike every time I was about get on it, and then again when I dismounted.

I was so happy when my fortunes changed for better, and I was able to return Satan's ped to its rightful owner.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2008

23rd Aug 2008, 13:36

Totally untrue, it must have been an XS250 re-badged he was riding. I bought an XS500 in '79 and still have it in my garage with my Fireblade. The XS clocked 16,000 miles and I rode it to various race meetings in Ireland in the company of 600's and bigger and never felt slow, you can cruse at 80 mph all day.

I fitted double disks at the front and a Ducati 888 fairing and never had any problems.

It is now on my list to restore it back to the original and use it as a fun bike.