2000 Yamaha XT350


A lovely way to get around on a hot summer day



General Comments:

I hired one of these on holiday in Cyprus and found it perfect for the roads of that country. It was a nearly new model, so in perfect condition. The high seat (33.7 inches) made it comfortable for a tall person.

As I cruised down the Tomb of the Kings Road, on opening up the throttle, it zipped up to its 90mph top speed through a smooth six speed gearbox with no trouble. Off road tracks and fields were also handled without problems.

Fuel consumption was a pleasant feature at 60 mpg. It has a 3.2 gallon tank, and that includes a half gallon reserve. A nice way to get around on a sunny day.

It has recently been detuned to 18hp for some reason, so be careful if offered one for sale as it will be a gutless wonder. The air cooled single cylinder 4 valve 346cc has a bore and stroke of 86 x 59.6mm, and a compression ratio of 9:1. Also 24mm dual Teikei carburettors are fitted.

Ground clearance of 10.8" is good, and telescopic forks with 10” travel and a single rear shock with 8.6” travel offer a very pleasant ride.

A chunky dual purpose 3.00-21 front tyre, and 110/80-18 rear tyre are fitted.

A single front disc is not very powerful.

Overall, recommended as a good dual purpose on/off road machine.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2006

23rd Oct 2006, 21:58

Ah yes, the xt350. Good review. As I found out, it can also wheelie like nobodys biz! I don't own one, but that's what I took my msf on and effortlessly

Pulled up the front (by accident, of course) in first! I'm into 600s now, but I wish I had one to do all the stupid things like wheelies and such on my property.