1999 Yamaha YZF-R1


You can't buy anything better for the money



General Comments:

My second R1. They say you tend to stick with a brand, and I have to say this is true for me. Fantastic value for money; you can't buy anything faster in this engine size/age range.

Easy to tune, cheap to run, unbeatable reliability, handles well in standard trim, stops on a sixpence and comfortable if you want to go a few miles on it (I can do around 80-100 miles before I want to get off for a stretch, which equates to a fuel stop in any case (max 120), so not too bad for a sports.

Do go not cheap on tyres. The new DRC - Diablo Rosso Corsas for me. To budget on your own life is just plain stupid.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2011

2001 Yamaha YZF-R1


Very easy to ride and plenty of scope for progression, but treat it with respect or it will bite you


Nothing, other than general service items, and a couple of sets of tyres as I got better at riding it!

Competent in all weather conditions, it will eat up miles better than you would expect, and is happy being ridden sedately or hard, depending on your mood.

General Comments:

I bought this as my first big bike (well actually my first proper bike following the R125 I did a few miles on after passing my CBT, which I out grew after 2000 miles (6 weeks) on it).

A very forgiving bike, comfortable and easy to ride. You can learn/develop your riding on one of these quite easily if you respect it for what it is and take your time as I did. Don't waste your money on a 600 - skip it and buy one of these!

Within 1500 miles, and with some help, hints and constructive criticism from friends/fellow riders, I was getting a huge amount of enjoyment from this bike and can now do pretty much everything I want to on it. Riding smoothly is the key.

In standard form, these are proper quick, and they stop just as well, but you will quickly start working out what you don't like about it and will be looking around for advice and upgrades to suit your riding preferences. Don't worry, there's everything you could every want, and it won't hoover out your wallet either.

I've got to a point now where I have introduced some upgrades... dynojet (the best £100 you will ever spend on a bike) to iron out the flat spots, K&N, headers, exhaust system, removal of the EXUP valve, sports plugs, -1 sprocket kit (you thought it was fast before - try and hang on now!), EK530 chain, uprated brake lines, quick shift and a dyno setup.

Anyway, enjoy whatever you have, but if you want everything and more from a sports bike for not a lot of money, then get one of these!!

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Review Date: 13th August, 2010

17th Aug 2011, 03:24

I have the same year bike,2001 YZF R1. I put on a new chain and sprocket (16/48) gearing and wow! Hang on!!! The bike is really fast on both bottom and top end. I upgraded the exhaust system so it not only looks mean, it sounds mean too. The 2001 YZF R1 may be the best bike out there to this date! It is that good! It's the BEST!!!

4th May 2014, 07:17

You're right about this bike will bite you; mine spat me off into a field up the Peak District; my one and only crash in all my life.

For power, yes it has more than enough, but it's not anywhere near as nimble as a 95 Fireblade. Yes the R1 will beat it in a straight line, but throw in some bends and the Blade will walk away with it.

I read a review online that said the R1 needed to be ridden aggressively; this is true, it takes much input on the pegs and counter steering to pilot, and can tire a rider out quickly if ridden to the limit as I found.

Great bike and great memories, I nearly died when I came off mine; would I have another, no... simply due to how much rider input is required to get the most out of it. One mistake on this bike and it's night night. A Fireblade is much more rider friendly, never once did I struggle in the twisties, so I would have to say only for hardened track day enthusiasts for this bike, or as you said, this bugger will bite ;)