2013 Harley-Davidson FLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra Glide


Love it, could use a better seat



General Comments:

Stock seat is uncomfortable, added a Harley Sundowner, better but not great. Added Vance & Hines header, SE pipes, SE breather kit, Stage one upload. Roll-on is okay. Have made several 2000 mile 4 day trips with no issues.

Stock handgrips are too small, added larger diameter grips. Lots of room in the bags & trunk. Radio/ CD sounds good. Air temp gauge is a joke - I know the temp before I get on the bike and know if it's hot or cold out; should be an oil temp gauge instead.

Love the bike overall, and it's my sixth Harley.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2015

2013 Harley-Davidson FLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra Glide


This MC fullfills and exceeds all my requirements for touring North America!


Not a thing!

General Comments:

This bike is the most comfortable HD on the market.

Touring in sixth gear still provides over 40 MPG.

A little heavy, so don't let it get away from you.

It is actually quiet and all stock with more power than I will ever need.

I love the dual disc anti-lock brakes.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2015

2015 Harley-Davidson FLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra Glide


Very expensive to own and expensive to service. BEWARE


2 recalls. Baggage rack and clutch assembly (all repaired, no expense out of pocket).

It's very expensive to take the motorcycle to the dealer to get the regular maintenance on it! The dealerships squeeze you like a sponge to get every dime from you. Now I realize why it's best to bring it to an authorized Harley mechanic for half the price rather than to the dealership. You're asked what's wrong, I am telling you, and you're raped buying the warranty and it does not cover general maintenance, and when you get the bill, be prepared for the shock of your life. Wake up Harley and treat your new customers like they bought a piece of real estate from you, rather than a boat!!!

General Comments:

The color black gets dirty very fast.

The handling is comfortable.

When purchased it I thought that it had a CD player and GPS system; it did not!

For the price that I paid for this motorcycle, I would have thought that I purchased the Cadillac of bikes.

The visual display is very difficult to read in the sunlight when riding.

Would I get another one? Definitely not. The cost does not outweigh the service options. The extended warranty when purchased does not cover regular maintenance with the $50.00 deductible; it's only in a major breakdown of components. My last bill on a 1000 mile service was $485.00; too excessive for a new motorcycle. My next service at 5000 miles will even be more expensive; that's unheard of. My Big Dog chopper that I have owned for 10 years, the most I had spent on it when servicing it was $285.00 dollars!

It's like a boat; when you use it, it's expensive, and when you rack up mileage on it, more expensive when purchased at $28000.00. I thought that I was covered for life; you're not.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2015

24th Jan 2017, 08:40

Warranty doesn't cover service???? Black gets dirty easily? No kidding, you don't say?

I have owned motorcycles. Can't change your own oil? Anybody with even a bit of intelligence can do it. I still can't figure out why you're upset. Perhaps a Goldwing would be a better fit for you.

2014 Harley-Davidson FLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra Glide


Awesome bike that never disappoints.


Nothing has gone with this mototcycle

General Comments:

Awesome motorcycle! My second Harley and it never disappoints.

This big Harley is rock stable even riding two up. U turns are no big deal.

The Boom audio system is fantastic, GPS works great, even showing the Harley Orange road to HD dealerships. Low on gas, the system tells you the gas stations in the area by distance and cost.

The intercom is clear and the VOX is adjustable so your singing along with the radio does not interfere or force your rider to listen to you. Bluetooth is easy, and answering the phone is easy and clear on both ends.

I was following a Dodge Charger SRT and he kept looking in his rear view mirror in disbelief that I was on his tail. At 100 mph my wife poked me that that was fast enough.

The redesigned faring with the vent open has zero buffeting. Riding in the rain needs the vent closed to keep the rain off your visor. The dealer treats me right and was a pleasure to work with.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2014